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Fun Corporate Team Building Events Activities & End of Year Outings

Enjoy a half or full day of fun team building activities. Relax, Play, Connect, Laugh, in a safe and fun team space. Our customised Fun Team Building packages are designed 100% to suite you. To inspire, energise and engage the best team spirit.

prices from R495 to R1,895 per person*.

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Company Fun Team Building Activities days to give your Team Fun-By-The-Ton

Boost Your Team Morale and Team spirit: Unleashing the Power of Play & Fun Team Building Events to build connection and collaboration!

Smart leaders know the crucial role that motivated, happy, and cohesive, teams play in driving success within an organization. Fun fuels 

Expertly Facilitated Fun Team Building Activities


Team building events have long been recognized as a valuable tool for bringing employees together and fostering positive working relationships.

However, many managers overlook the significant impact that fun and engaging team-building activities can have on motivation and team dynamics.

We will customise a fun team building session with our wide range of fun team activities, and run by our expert team building facilitators, at your own venue, indoors or outdoors (sometimes)


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Strengthening Bonds and Build Greater Teamworking and  Trust:


Fun team building events provide a unique environment for team members to interact beyond the boundaries of their daily work. This enhances the know, me, like me, trust me flow.

Through collaborative and enjoyable activities, team members can laugh together, build trust, and strengthen bonds with one another, in a safe and fun space.

When employees feel connected and supported, they are more likely to collaborate effectively, leading to improved teamwork and overall productivity.

Boosting Morale, Motivation & Team Spirit

Workplace stress and pressure can take a toll on employee morale.

By incorporating fun team building events, you provide a much-needed break from the routine, allowing team members to unwind. relax, release some energy, and enjoy themselves.

A positive and enjoyable work environment is a powerful motivator that can significantly impact employee satisfaction, wellbeing, mental wellness, and talent retention.

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Team Building Vision Keepers and High Performance Teams building events gauteng

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration:

Effective communication and collaboration, is the backbone of any successful team.

Fun team building events encourage open communication by breaking down barriers and facilitating conversations in a relaxed setting.

When team members communicate freely and respectfully, it fosters better problem-solving and idea sharing, leading to improved collaboration and performance.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation:

Creativity often flourishes in environments that encourage playfulness and exploration.

Team building events that incorporate fun and interactive challenges stimulate creativity and encourage employees to think outside the box.

These creative sparks can lead to innovative solutions in the workplace, driving your team ahead of the competition.

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Developing Connection & Celebration:

Fun team building events offer a platform for emerging leaders to step up and showcase their abilities.

Through various team-based activities, employees can develop and demonstrate leadership skills in a non-threatening setting.

Identifying and nurturing leadership potential within your team can prove invaluable to your organization’s long-term success. 

Talk to Tony to customize an energizing and exciting break to your intense strategic review, and executive Team breakaways or conferences and workshops.  ++27-83-447-6300   


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Half Day or full day Team Building events Packages

We have a range of fun, end-of-the year, celebrations, and team-spirit, building, activities, that are enjoyable, engaging, energising, and inspiring.

• Check-in with background boogie music
• Activity: Power Name Check-in
• Activity: Teams Share “What’s on my High-Performance Heart – our Team 2024 Dream”
• Motivational talk: 5 Steps to greater personal Success and What’s your WHY?
• Activity: Nimble Numbers Race – Teams rave to get number boards in specific order
• Activity: Quack Quack Team Treasure Hunt – Teams design a new “language” to guide member to find the treasure. 1 member is blindfolded, whilst other guide from the side.
• Activity: Formula WON Racing Team Drawing: Fun, collaboration, Sound Effects, Communication
• Lunch: + Cold drink – Venue dependent for food and conferencing costs.
• Activity: Positive KUDO Cards Appreciation & Relationship Building compliments
• Activity: Memory Magic – Fun Competitive Image Pairs Team Competition.
• Activity: Positive Back Stabbing – Compliments behind your back
• Activity: Stacker Fun Team Race: Creative thinking, collaboration, planning,
• Optional Extra Design a Song (with Chat GPT) and Company Values – Teams Perform song to music
• Optional Extra Team Sing & Dancing Competition
• Full Team Celebration Dance, Sing & Close

This fun and energising team experience is designed to be e process is designed with mental and physical activities that are fun, and provide an opportunity to play in a safe and positive space.   v2023.11.10b

* Optional Extra Value for Team Participants *

1. Karabiner: Memory reminder for resilience and connecting Growth Mindsets for greater team cohesion and strength @ R22.85ea

2. Caps: 6 Panel brushed caps for reminder to use Positive Coach-approach to be a Team BUILDER @R59.85ea

3. Mega USB: 64Gb USB Swift Success Valu Pak with the Motivational Swift Success Audios & Self Mastery PDF materials value R4,500 @R185

4. Notebooks: Nice blue hard cover A5 notebooks, to record your discovers, decisions and destiny @R49

5. Torch: Lexman Torch 75 lumen – 60-100m range, (uses 2x AA batteries)4 hour life. @R129

6. Formula WON Toy Racing Cars – Metaphors for our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Positivity team spirit @R34

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USB 64GB Mega1 and High Performance Teams building events gauteng
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Book SwiftSuccess and High Performance Teams building events gauteng
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