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High Performance Team Tune Ups

Times are getting Tougher.

If you are a manager or leader, you need to keep your people in tip-top shape, and high performance mode.

You can depend upon, and trust, Life Masters’ proven, potent, REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Team Building Process, to give you the results you need, every time.

High Performance Teams

The Revolutionary Workplace…Consciously Constructive Philosophy

For Conscious Leadership, Peak Performance, and Exponential Results, in High Performance Teams & Workplaces

High Performance Team Building workshops with Tony dovale

If we’re to regain our Soul Purpose…to sustainably succeed in the new world of work and business, we must rethink how we are leading, learning, loving, living, and leaving a legacy.

We must be more CONSCIOUS, Compassionate and CARING.< We are in a new age, and possibly already past, a few VITAL tipping points on a global level, that are critical factors to consider. As we make our way in an ever-faster-changing world, we must shift our old mindsets… or suffer! Profits are being squeezed; Populations are ever growing, and struggling even more, especially across Africa, as greedership; corruption, waste, incompetence, and conflict, continues to cause havoc for the masses, and smaller business. Times are getting tougher, tighter, and more challenging. Are your people and teams #FutureFit? Artificial Intelligence, digitization, internet, and robots, are replacing many jobs; from basic physical workers, to lawyers, doctors and accountants. Many other trades will be infiltrated by some kind of automation. See the Tesla Car factory as an example. This is creating greater unemployment, in a never-ending spiral, ever higher, daily. Mindset & team dysfunction are the most mismanaged and least understood limiters of competitive advantage leading to company decline. It’s a toxic source of needless stress, duress, conflict, and the antithesis of a high performance workplace with positive staff well-being.

The old way of business, abusing people and natural resources, must be modified from greed and profits, for the few shareholders, to business as a platform for growth, thriving and well-being for ALL; People, Planet AND Profits.


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