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Corporate Teambuilding With The Right Growth Optimised Mindset is VITAL for TEAM and Organisational Success

High-performance teamwork is critical for success in survival in business today.

The pressure is mounting, stress is ever increasing, and so teamwork is the best way that things get done faster and smarter. 

If you have a dysfunctional team, you are limiting your company in many ways.

Man has always used teamwork to get the big and small jobs done. So throughout history, building a team has been a vital aspect of survival and thriving. 

The challenge is to get the group sharing a common vision and goal, so that they work together in a manner that engages and uses the best qualities of each team participant in a sustainable way.  


Teamwork makes the dream-work. 

The Real challenge in current day team building and performance development is to remove the workplace silos and barriers that block collaboration and open sharing. 

Shifting the thinking from competing to collaborate is a good start. That is the start of working as a team. 

But to achieve this a strong foundation of trust, clear communication, openness and an inspiring vision that gives meaning and purpose is needed

In today’s competitive business Times every company has to find ways to leverage and fully use their most valuable resource and assets;  their staff. 

The real challenge is that many leaders and managers in today’s companies just do not have the requisite knowledge, skills, abilities or mindset to be able to get the best out of their people and teams in a way that serves everyone.  

From the high levels of staff disengagement and the very low levels of staff engagement typically under 30%, it is clear that many people in management and leaders positions are not competent or qualified, or capable of fulfilling the full duties of their role.

From our ongoing expert research, we often notice that people with the responsibilities of building and maintaining high-performance teams have not even read a book, or attended any training to help them successfully achieve this duty.

In fact much of the time these people are very often the cause for the dysfunction and low trust levels, and low engagement levels we see every day in the workplace. 

We have also noticed that a high number of staff are looking to leave their existing company due to inept management or leadership, hostile cultures and workplace politics.

It seems from our research that staff join for the vision and mission and meaning they believe they will get from the company and they leave because of the quality of direct relationships.


The 4 Impact Levels

The four levels that impact staff mindsets and happiness at work, and eventually profitability and business results must be addressed together before a viable result can be achieved.

1. Level I is the Individual: mindset, attitude, energy and meaning

2. Level 2 is the Team: trust levels, communication, transparency, connection and competence

3. Level 3 is a Leadership: effective and inspiring leadership, not readership, that creates limitless possibility, with relevant resources, in a high performance culture

4. Level 4 is Company Culture: Positive, open, authentic, people and profit focused, with the positive pH (acidity/or negativity level)


Some Advantages Of Developing Effective Workplace Team Dynamics:

Lifemasters Real Team Building Facilitators

1.High-Performance Teams are more effective and able to execute complex plans and strategies and ensure company success.

2.Effective and Functional Teams can collaborate and ThoughtStorm off each others input to stretch and build greater creativity and innovation.

 As team members collaborate and support each other’s skills, many find that their individual work performance in enhanced.

3.Team cultures build loyalty, passion and commitment to visions, ideas and plans because they are involved and fully participative in the growth of the idea.

When a team is intimately involved in work projects from the start they take greater ownership and accountability for results. They put in more effort. They  are more resilient and resolute to deliver success and results.

4.Teams are more resilient and reliable. If one member falls out another can replace them in the group without risking project success. Plus team members support, encourage and help each other through tough times.

5.Effective Team building activities and events that build better team dynamics: relationships, trust, communication, positivity all work to motivate, inspire and energise employees to deliver their very best energy and passion for the team and the dream on  a longer term basis.

6. By building teamwork in the TRIBE, and by raising the consciousness levels of each individual, and their tribal counterparts/ groups builds a more supportive, effective and robust culture.

With organisational culture and context impacting upto 60% of team and company performance… Smart managers and leaders need to be aware of, and able to, monitor the company culture and its pH or acidity and negativity levels.

Most company cultures have evolved and developed randomly and by default. And if you dig deep enough 80% of the time these are destructive and limiting cultures because they have not been created by design.

7. In the complex world of work today there is too much complexity to be able to be handled by one person most of the time. Add to this the high levels of stress and competition that impacts people in the workplace.  

Effective teamwork is vital to optimise individual talent, leverage synergy in collaboration and achieve exponential results. Building effective teams enables a flux and flow of energy and work load amongst team members in order to create an optimal workload that is sustainable

8. Teambuilding is important in the workplace because it creates a positive community, or tribe, where people feel that they belong. It is a group space where they can add value, connect and communicate, and find greater meaning than just working for a pay cheque.

9. The workplace team environment also allows the competitive spark to be activated in individuals and their co-workers. Special care must be taken to ensure that the workplace dynamic, and company culture, avoids creating humiliating win-lose experiences.

Because the moment it is unsafe to make a mistake, or to risk, a large portion of people will avoid stepping up and taking initiatives or risk being humiliated.

Many times in our teambuilding retreats, and our organisational effectiveness consulting, we have seen how damaging the dynamic of win-loose can be to many of the individuals.

It’s a sad reality that so many people have low levels of self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence that puts at risk of withdrawing when they lose, or scared of exposing themselves.

10. In a workplace that has many cultures, genders and ages, effective teambuilding creates a positive platform and an agreed set of guidelines of the way the game is played at work.

All too often the workplace culture is controlled by people’s home culture and attitudes. Smart leaders make sure that the company culture is clearly controlled and communicated to all team members.

This clearly details what is acceptable and not acceptable within the workplace context. It can be highly damaging to the company’s performance and culture to allow one nation’s culture to become the default on the company.


Why are Staff Team Building Events Really Important?


Real team building and positive team dynamics are important because It creates platform, and a process to ensure clarity, focus and meaning with clear accountabilities and guidelines to achieve company, team and individual Success in an ever more competitive and rapidly changing world.

To enhance your organisational Effectiveness and team performance make your next team building one, that transforms people, teams, leadership and culture… You will see the value in your exponential Results!

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