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The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance People & Corporate Teams Building System Process

Transform your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture to support People, Planet AND Profits, to THRIVE in tough VUCA times.

The way leaders and teams work today blocks high performance teamwork, instead of enabling and supporting it.

If we are going to thrive and flourish – organisations must revolutionise their Mindsets, meaning, mastery and approach…fast. We help you meet this challenge.

Activate, unlock, amplify, and align, your People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture’s, potential…to positively respond, and thrive, in VUCA change, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

1. Workplace Performance Problems

ALL companies have costly people and team performance issues. This costs time, money, energy and engagement: 

  • Racial issues
  • Cultural conflicts
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Negative attitudes
  • Team dysfunctions
  • Low Leadership Credibility
  • Toxic culture
  • Unsafe context
  • Demotivated
  • Unhappy / No Energy
  • Wrong Mindsets
  • low productivity
  • No/ Low Trust & Fear
  • Learned Helplessness

2. Costly Consequences

The average company is losing around 10%-12% of monthly salary bill, from invisible conflicts and demotivated staff!

Typically you can 2x to 3x that, that when you add Disengaged and demoralised staff. It wasting hundreds of thousands, into the Millions!

  • >12% of your salary bill
  • Demotivated people
  • Absenteeism & Presenteeism
  • Bad client service
  • Toxic Unhealthy Workplace
  • Back stabbing & Blaming
  • Bullying & BS’ing
  • Talent loss
  • No Psychological Safety

3. Solution – High Performance Teams


Become a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE with High Performance People and Teamwork.  Reverse the toxic, traumatic, stress, and static, that blocks people and your teams, from performing to their fullest potential.

Well-Being, and engagement can skyrocket, in a context and culture that empowers, energises, enables, and engages, your people, and teams, to perform at their best.

MOST fun team activities are a total waste, because nothing really changes back at the office.

The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE HPO System is so good that it basically pays for it self. Its an INVESTMENT in your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture. 

Theory Of Constraints and VUCA Change

Our world of work is changing so swiftly. It’s impossible to predict, or even really effectively plan for changes.

The problem: Most leaders that are shaping our future are unconscious, and still using their outdated perspectives, values and approaches.

This old approach is no longer useful. As challenges grow more complex, we need more connection, communication, commitment, collaboration, diversity and creativity.

The dinosaur style command-and-control mindset from past, is now the constraint.

Solution: Over the past 35+ years we’ve helped People, Teams, Leadership to create workplaces and cultures that thrive in tough VUCA times. 

Our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Approach helps leaders adopt adopt new mindsets, perspectives, values and ways of working and leading. 

This is founded on a proven process, that is life-giving for teams and organisations, and life-changing for individuals.

Revwork Dvd Trans 2018.10 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng
The team understands the goals and is committed to attaining them. This clear direction and agreement on mission and purpose is essential for effective team work. This team clarity is reinforced when the organization has clear expectations for the team’s work, goals, accountability, and outcomes.
The team creates an environment in which people are comfortable taking reasonable risks in communicating, advocating positions, and taking action. Team members trust each other. Team members are not punished for disagreeing.
Communication is open, honest, and respectful. People feel free to express their thoughts, opinions, and potential solutions to problems. People feel as if they are heard out and listened to by team members who are attempting to understand. Team members ask questions for clarity and spend their thought time listening deeply rather than forming rebuttals while their coworker is speaking.
Team members have a strong sense of belonging to the group. They experience a deep commitment to the group’s decisions and actions. This sense of belonging is enhanced and reinforced when the team spends the time to develop team norms or relationship guidelines together.
Team members are viewed as unique people with irreplaceable experiences, points of view, knowledge, and opinions to contribute. After all, the purpose for forming a team is to take advantage of the differences. Otherwise, why would any organization approach projects, products, or goals with a team. In fact, the more that a team can bring out divergent points of view, that are thoughtfully presented and supported with facts as well as opinions, the better

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