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Use Team Building to improve trust, connection, communication, collaboration, and productivity?

Our High Performance team building consulting services can help.

Our team of team building consultants have many years of experience working with companies’ Teams, of all sizes. We design and deliver customized High Performance team building events and team development programs that drive results. 

We use a combination of diagnostics, team assessments, team building workshops, and on-going high performance coaching, to help your teams develop #AdaptAgility, the skills, and Growth-Optimised Mindsets, they need to connect collaborate, and communicate more effectively.

Ready to unleash your People Potentials?

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What we are Offering Coaching, Facilitation, Consulting & Support service

Some of the benefits of our HPO team building consulting services include:

Improved communication and collaboration among team members
Increased productivity and efficiency
Enhanced problem-solving and decision-making skills
Greater creativity and innovation
Increased employee engagement and satisfaction

Our HPO team building consulting services are perfect for companies looking to:

Improve team performance
Increase employee engagement and satisfaction
Enhance problem-solving and decision-making skills
Increase productivity
Develop leadership and management skills


Don’t let poor teamwork hold your organization back any longer. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how our team building consulting services can help take your team to the next level.


Totally Risk Free Team Experiences

Our Team Building Quotes prove that you can trust us with your team.


Limited Groups

Our Process works best with teams of 8-24, typically. relevant Business participants.


Unbeatable Value & Team Building Benefits - More Than 50x ROI

Based on over 35+years of experience, expertise, and over R19 Million investment in time and money.

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We will learn from each other

Everybody has something to learn, and everybody has some valuable experience and wisdom to share.

My process with participants will be a bidirectional exchange of knowledge, and needs.

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HPO Framework Helps ENSURE Success

As part of the Team Building Coaching process we will be  sharing secrets to leveraging people, teams and technology to thrive in VUCA times and unleash your fullest business potentials

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Leverage the Digital world

Discover how  you can  benefit and fast-track your success  through understanding the Team dynamics and the HPO framework.

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Right GO Mindsets Matter

As we move into the 4th Industrial revolution, we will need to embed,  rewire and engage Growth-Optimised Mindsets, attitudes and approaches.  Discover the steps for potent mindset rethinking & Rewiring.

Tony’s REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Research and development

High Performance Teams Research & Development

Tony will share his insights, information, and experiences, that he has gained over the last 35+ years, in unleashing Personal Potential, Transforming Teamworking, leveraging Limitless Leadership Mindsets, and creating and coaching High Performance Team Cultures, that thrive in tough times.

He will share all of his wisdom and insights regarding the The Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx High Performance System.


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Client Feedback

We work with a wide variety

We help a wide range of business clients to unleash the optimal potentials of their People, Teams, Leadership and Culture, in a meaningFULL, Motivating, and manageable way.


Growth-Optimised, high #AdaptAgility Mindsets Matter


Team building and trust building are vital for thriving


Leadership makes or breaks the team performance


Culture, conditions and climate dominate the control constraints

Ready to Apply…Now?

There is a filter on participants. because this my initial CEO Challenges research project, and your coaching/ mentoring experience, I need to ensure we have the best balance and fit of participants.

Browse client experience comments

-We just didn’t know where to begin to solve all of our problems- You have given us a second chance at life in this team!! Amazing – LEON CEO Std Bank Compliance – Africa

– This event was the most outstanding experience I’ve ever had. Every company should do this. We definitely need this – HR Manager Nissan

– I want to thank you for giving me my SPARK, and my LIFE, back! This team session was a totally life-changing experience for me. OPP Kimberly.

High Performance Team Building Events Gauteng

Our Clients gain substantial advantages over thir competitors, because of the proven system and High Performance Teams Leadership Coaching Process.

Life Masters

Unleashing the power of people performance enablement though High Performance Teams Limitless Leadership Coacing and mentoring.


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