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STRATVIEW Strategy Optimisation

An early-warning Strategy Monitoring system that shows when your view from the top doesn’t match the reality on the ground?

The Stratview value creation process provides you with a CLEAR, practical, and effective, facilitated approach to entrenching more effective strategy execution as a core competency in your organisation.

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How does the Stratview value creation process work?

The Stratview value creation process…

  • measures the degree to which people in the organisation i.e. the actual implementers of strategy, make sense of the objectives of the organisation. and the strategies adopted by the organisation and its departments.
  • facilitates your organisation’s journey as you focus on creating an innovative, consistent, cooperative and cohesive organisation.
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Why should you use the Stratview value creation process?

Because the Stratview value creation process …drives productivity and improves results.

1. Stakeholder Value

Allows you to consistently build stakeholder value, through innovation, increased compliance and the reduction of risk.

3. Actionable Insights

Gives you the baseline insights to critically analyse your internal structure and process together with your employees to gain their insight when assessing whether daily work is adequately adding value to the company’s performance;

5. Employee Engagement

allows employees to determine where and how their own performance will impact the achievement of business goals.

7. Consciously Constructive Staff Development

facilitates the direction of training and development – the organisation is training and recruiting for a purpose

2. Strategic Clarity

Provides clarity that’s consistent with your organisation’s capabilities.

4. Common Vision

Creates the opportunity for the entire organisation to come to a common understanding of the business’ mission, vision, strategy and goals.

6. Assess and Adjust Performance

Allows the organisation to reassess where they are and where the want to be within the next three to five years – the organisation of today will definitely not be the same organisation in the next three to five years.

6. Unite: Drive Teamwork and Collaboration

Allows you to address the “US and Them” syndrome which results in lack of clarity, lack of focus on what is important to the organisation, lack of coherent decisions and limited co-operation caused by the formation of organisational silos.

Who is Stratview

A Collaboration team that allows organisations to objectively transform and innovate their existing approaches to executing strategy. 

Stratview is a small company backed up by innovative technologies which advises organisations on strategy development, strategy execution, the management of risk and organisational development.

The innovative, validated Stratview value creation process is potent, proven and produces measurable results that EVERY EXECUTIVE NEEDS to reduce risk and rethink thriving in the VUCA Tough Times and Fourth Industrial Revolution

High Performance Facilitation Services:

We offer Fast-Track Sessions, Master-Classes, Coaching, REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE interventions, StratView Introductions and talks.

So feel free to chat with us about BOOSTING your people and team’s performance.

We have clients 2x’ing, to almost 4x’ing, their results with our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE CLEARx High Performance teams #AdaptAgility process.

The results of our interventions always add greater value, and increase business results. They deliver ROI’s of greater than 50x. Essentially pays for it’s self!

One-to-One Leadership / Exec Coaching / CEO/Leaders’ Wing Man

We work, in person, over Zoom, or any platform that works best for our process. Coaching & Mentoring is tailored to your, specific context, and blended with the DNA and wisdom of our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System and StratView research and performance optimisation process:

1. Become a #FutureFit REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE LIMITLESS leader: Maybe you have a growing awareness that you need to develop a new, more relevant, mindset. You need new tools for engagement, collaboration, and performance improvement.

You know you must become FutureFit by adopting a Consciously Constructive approach, to creativity, innovation, agility, consciousness, and responsiveness, to lead yourself, your team, and your business, reliably into the future.

2. Growth Mindsets embrace change and constant transformation: We all need to change to stay abreast of the shifts around us to remain relevant, resilient, and ready. Change is the new constant whether anticipated or undesirable.

In order to thrive the “softer” skills are become vital for all levels of the organisation. (ask for latest article)

3. Become a Limitless Conscious Leader:  Often our unconscious habitual ways of seeing, feeling, and doing, things, are keeping us deeply stuck in old, entrenched habits, reactions, and negative patterns, which don’t fully serve us, or our people around us. Because times have changed…so must we.

Dinosaurs’ mindsets don’t produce performance!

4. Make a more powerful, positive, profound, high performance workplace. Time to feel lighter at work.

Time for more fun, fierce focus, fairness, and fabulously functioning, High Performance Teams. We facilitate a life-changing for people, and life giving for teams, Appreciative Inquiry, revolutionary, High Performance process.

5. Assessments: We offer a range of STRATVIEW and HPO measurements, to act as an x-ray to uncover the real state of your people, teams, leadership, and culture. https://www.revolutionaryworkplace.com for a NO COST TRIAL.

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Keynotes, Conferences, and Company events

Leadership & High Performance Teams, Talks, Keynotes, and Master-Classes for Mastery.

We speak on specific topics relevant to High Performance
Mindsets, Self and Leadership Mastery, REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACES, and team Collaboration.

Plus we facilitate potent High Performance strategic change. This usually forms the foundation of a push for more effective execution of strategic goals.

“We enable you to educate, inform, inspire, activate, and align, the fullest people potentials and actions.”

If you’re ready to take yourself, your people, and your results, up a few levels!

Or would like free audio intro to the new REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System.

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