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Unleash Potential: Sales Gladiators & Sales AdaptAgility 1 Day Master Class

Learn the most effective Sales Success Skills & Secrets, from long-term Sales Experts.

“Give your Sales people a powerful ROAD map on how to ENSURE Success.”

Unleash your fullest the ability to reboot, and regrow, your sales faster than ever before!

Unlock the Code to Sales Mastery to Achieve Unprecedented Sales Growth… Swiftly.

Do you want to: Close more deals? Exceed your targets? Achieve unmatched success in the industry? Catapault your sales people’s skills?

Take your Sales Resulkts to the next level, with the our latest salesology AdaptAgility insights, Neuro Coaching and Trusted Advisor Wisdom.

Why Choose Our High-Performance Sales Transformation Program:

1. Proven Success: Our expert facilitators are sales experts with a track record of success. Learn from the best to beat rhe rest.

2. Tailored Content: Our program is specifically designed for Sales Foundation Professionals ensuring that you get the most relevant and effective training.

3. Hands-On Experience: Get real-world, practical skills you can apply immediately to increase your prospecting, sales, and income.

4. Advanced Techniques: Discover cutting-edge sales strategies, tools, and techniques to outperform your competition.

5. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow professionals and expand your industry network.

Logistics & Investment

Location: Fourways – Sandton.
Date: TBC October 2023 – 1 Day

Start: 8:30Am – End 4:30PM

Lunch, Notes and Materials included

Investment R2,995 per person.

Group Rate >3 @ R2,765 each

Get your sales people into the optimised High Performance “GREEN Zone”, Join Our 1-Day Sales Transformation & Coaching Program to Skyrocket Your Sales Success. Give your sales people the unfair advantage of Wisdom & Experience.

Revolutionary High Performance Team Building Results

Enter details to book your place. LIMITED seats (Max 10)

Your Expert Presenters

Presenter #1: Tony Dovale – CEO of Life Masters and developer of the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Organisation System Framework and People Performance Enablement Process.

Presenter #2 : Secret Industry Expert with 25+ years sales mastery and over 10 years in Financial Advisory industry with industry giants.

These 2 experts will unleash your fullest sales potential…

“Tony Helped us to double our sales in 90 days!”

Gina Clothing

Sales Manager

Tony Dovale Team Building Facilitator And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

If these great company’s leaders, TRUST TONY to deliver, then… so can you!

Sales Gladiators Workshop Content

Self Mastery -Build right mindset, identity, Motivation and Drive
1. Psychological Capital (SHORED)
• Self-Efficacy
o Identity – personal, career, reframe
o Beliefs – constraints, limiting, conflicts and enabling.
• Happiness@work/ Hope
o Destiny, Cause, Calling
o STATE Management, feeling, focus, fears
• Optimism
o Vision/destiny with Fierce Focus, SWIFT Actions
o FIERCE Focus FORMULA and process.
o Thinking, style, consciousness, stopping stinking thinking
• Resilience/AQ –REJECTION PROOF Pre Assessment
o Control, Ownership, Reach, Extent
• Energy & Engagement – Pre Assessment
• Drive, Discipline & Decisions
o Your Driving Values – in Workshop Assessment
o Limiting, handbrake, reframe, empowering

2. Mindset Mastery– 7x Greater Value
• GO Mindsets (Growth Mindset) – PRE Assessment
• Managing mental / Phys State and Energy
• Bullet Proof Mindset Qualities

Sales Mastery -Build skills, Can/will do, Trusted Advisor Credibility, Mindset
1. Client Mindsets
• Client Persona’s
• Client Mindsets & Concerns
• Empathy Map – Workshop Assessment
• Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP – VAK, values hierarchy
• Jobs To Get Done –(JTGD) Creativity & Innovation

2. ZMOT – Zero Moment of Truth – Sales Success in a digital world
• Challenges & Risks
• Opportunities & Objection Reframe
• Price/Cost Vs Value

3. Trusted Advisor / Authority
• Identity, Beliefs, Values
• Responsibilities
• Challenges: Credibility, Competence, Trust: Safety, Belonging, Mattering

4. Intro to Neuro Sales – Tools (PxCXGxB3) and Action Learning.
• PAIN: Your customers’ Diagnose
• CLAIMS: Learn to Stand out
• GAIN: Your customers’ Prove your case – 3 levels
• Validation – Old brain

5. Revolutionary Workplace – CLEARx HPO Framework
High Performance Solutions for Exponential Success.- Optimising Actions & Results
• CLEARx Sales Goals
• Appreciative Inquiry Approach
• Solutions to challenges
• GO PROCESS: Destination, Compass, Desire, Commitment, Mindset, Courage, Actions, Style = Results
• SEAL: Sales Gladiator Accountability Ensurance Partner - Peer Coach Choice

Clientlogos1Bw And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Your Expert HIGH PERFORMANCE Executive Coach: Tony Dovale -CEO LifeMasters with 35+ years of Leadership & people/Team Building experience, ensures awesome impacts and results, in a positive process.

Rbrtonypage1 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Tony Dovale is an expert people performance enablement, HPO facilitator, author, Speaker and Executive coach, with over 35+ years experience and over R18 Million invested, in time and money, to develop the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Organisation: Framework, Philosophy, & Proven System.

Because all of these savvy people trust Tony to deliver a potent result… Then so can you!

“We almost 4x’d our annual from about R200 Million annually, to around R800 Million, with Tony’s REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance People & Teams Process”, it was Outstanding!

DEON Binneman

Financial Manager, Independent Development Trust - IDT

“Our Business grew form R30 Million, to R50 Million, then 90 Million. And now going for R200 million, working with Tony”

Alison Lovell

Oxbow Conference and Lovell Packaging



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