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Time to Join The Revolutionary Workplace…High-Performance Teams, Consciously Constructive, Revolution!

This is the Philosophy, Framework, and System For Conscious, High-Performance… Leadership, Workplaces, Exponential Results, and thriving in the 4th Industrial Revolution and Flourishing in Tough VUCA Times, with Greater #AdaptAgility.

“If we are to regain our Soul Purpose…to sustainably succeed in the new world of work and business,
we must rethink how we are living, leading, learning, listening, loving, and leaving a legacy.”

The #FutureFit Workplace HPO REVOLUTION Is Here!

• Employee engagement is dismal? Talent is restless?
• Conflict is crippling productivity. Stress is a mess.
• Absenteeism and presenteeism are growing!
• Trust is trashed. Profits are decreasing.
• Teamwork is dysfunctional or non-existent.
• Racism is rampant and politics prevail.
• Finite resources are being wasted!
• Technology is transforming and challenging us to our limits!
• We need to Revolutionise our Identities, Mindsets and Thinking.

Are You #FutureFit? The VUCA World Is Here! Will You Cope With, or LEAD, in the 4th Industrial Revolution?


Changing technologies, Artificial Intelligence, multi-cultures, shifting demographics, resource constraints, high stress, increasing competition, and radical change everywhere, means leaders must prepare the mindsets, teams, and the workplace, for the #FutureFit Workforce-of-the-Future…today!

We must adopt a sane, Consciously-Constructive, approach, to ensure REAL success, and embrace the change to the new Circular Economy…or bear the consequences.

We must become more conscious, caring, compassionate, connected, and collaborative, to ensure greater Well-being, Thriving, and Flourishing, for ALL: People, Planet & Profit. We must each LEAD change. we must all increase our #AdaptAgility


Research Reveals staff want a better place to work.


• 70% of Leaders…aren’t leaders, or even acting like one!
• 70%-80% or more, of staff are not fully engaged – DIS-engaged!
• 60%-80% of Mergers never deliver as envisaged.
• Over 50% of change and strategic initiatives fail dismally.
• Up to 65% or more of your staff might be open to leave… for a better workplace, culture and management!
• Staff are bothered about pay/benefits; equal pay and opportunity; trust; leadership; open and honest communication; feedback without fear of consequences; genuine care and concern; delivering on promises.

Pray that the good staff stay and the not-so-great ones go. But…That’s not the reality. The good talent always have more options when looking around for a better workplace experience. Is your talent looking to be on the move?

It’s Not About Limited Resources, but about Resourcefullness.

It’s about Valuable Assets…Your People First! 

 • For a break with the past, to create innovative break-through, in the workplace and business landscapes.
• Because Greedership and Bleedership are killing productivity, passion, engagement, innovation and our planet.
• For a break with command-and-control; to connect, communicate, collaborate, empower, energise, engage, expand, and unleash, potential, by being Deliberately Developmental / Consciously Constructive.
• For a new MINDSET, and a new way of thinking about POSITIVE business and the lower coercion workplace.
• To realise we cannot continue on the existing unsustainable path…in many areas of life and business!
• It’s time… to rethink… PEOPLE, PLANET and PROFIT, and our roles, impacts and consequences.

It’s about time…to CONSCIOUSLY and FULLY develop People, Teamwork, Leadership, and Culture, by creating a REVOLUTIONARY NEW WORKPLACE that supports all stakeholders: People, Planet and Profits, and respects the responsibility of leaving viable legacies, for staff, and future generations, beyond greed & profiteering.

“We Need To RETHINK HOW and WHAT We Think… We need to Revolutionise our approach to business purpose, people, teamwork, meaning, money, and the regeneration of vital resources.”

Can you really afford to keep underutilizing your most important and valuable resource—ALL your people’s potential, passion and possibility?

With more than two-thirds of people disengaged in the workplace, chronic levels of stress, duress, culture mess, growing racism, presenteeism, and conflicts, we need a new a new effective, positive and constructive approach, to creating a Great Workplace… That’s The Revolutionary Workplace and the High-Performance CLEARx system.

Through our unique Revolutionary Workplace’s CLEARx High-Performance Exponential Results optimisation philosophy, framework and system, we impact personal, team, and leadership, performance in these core areas:

Constructive Culture: Context, Constraints, Clarity & Creativity
Limitless Leadership: Learning, Listening, Service and Love
Engagement: Energy, Experience and Empowerment
Appreciative Agile Action and Accountabilities (Ownership)
Right Mindedness: Mindset, Meaning, Mastery & Psychological Capital
eXecution Excellence: Towards Peak Performance and Agile Excellence

“If you have an OPEN HEART… Empathy, Thriving and Well-Being Matter Most… because business is more about people than numbers or profit, for those who are conscious Souls, and come from their hearts.”

The Revolutionary Workplace is conscious of the fact that leaders/ managers have a huge impact on the development, well-being, and performance, of their employees and business results.

And that they can help activate and optimise potential and workplace performance, by focusing on core behaviors that are vital to leveraging talent, creating collaborative mindsets, and reducing workplace limiters, stressors and burnout eg:

• Providing context, recognition, and praise for staff doing good work.

• Ensuring teams have the materials, tools, context, and equipment to do effective, efficient, and meaningful work and achieve Peak Performance.

• Empowering and listening to input and feedback, and providing the channels for staff to feel and see, that their opinions/inputs do count.
• Creating a positive, high-performance culture with great role models.

• Creating a positive culture of care, connection, collaboration, and contribution, that creates brighter futures, that inspire & develop us ALL

• Becoming a CONSCIOUSLY CONSTRUCTIVE (Deliberately Developmental) organisation; PEOPLE FIRST!

The Revolutionary Workplace and CLEARx High-Performance Framework is a holistic solution to a deep and systemic challenge experienced in most Soulless companies.

Leadership has the power to embrace, and empower, a new more human and compassionate approach to business, that is circular, positive, proactive, and provides a smarter, more sustainable, sane and sensitive view…to be more HUMANITY POSITIVE.


It’s time to engage business as a force for GOOD…People first.

“NONE of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the Natural Capital they abuse!

But they are using OUR, and our children’s, finite resources, just to fill their pockets, even more, today.”

In every dimension of PEOPLE, PLANET AND PROFITS, we need to become more conscious of our impacts, constraints and consequences. We need a new paradigm of how we develop and intelligently balance these 3 vital components.

In many instances we have passed the tipping point of no return ….we no longer need sustainability, we need REGENERATION… to ensure strategic long-term solutions. It’s in our hands, and on our watch…It’s time for a shift!

The Consciously Constructive Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx Philosophy and Framework provides you with a proven approach to activating and optimizing sustainable Peak Performance and better results for People, Teams, Leadership, Culture, and the Business – But, with Consciously Constructive…it’s People FIRST!




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