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Our story of WHY Choose our


and High Performance Teams ADAPTAGILITY System

Here is WHY you need to hear this story about a new REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE…
because it will transform your People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture, in ways you never imagined,
and create a high performance workplace where your people, flourish, thrive, connect, communicate,
& collaborate, and perform at their fullest potentials.

There is a
PROBLEM in the workplace!

1. Is There a Problem… in Your Workplace Performance?

All companies with people, have have people challenges and constraints!

  • Interdepartmental Conflicts
  • Communication problems
  • Collaboration issues
  • Cultural Conflicts
  • Disengagement
  • Presenteeism
  • Absenteeism
  • Conflicts

2. Is This a Performance Problem You NEED to SOLVE…SWIFTLY?

Not all problems need to be solved… But your people problems DO NEED TO BE RE-SOLVED. 

  • Typical Conflicts cost you around 10%-12% of monthly salary bill.
  • Communication problems cause mist-trust, uncertainty and fear.
  • Collaboration Is abysmal due to ongoing team dysfunctions.
  • Cultural and workplace politics create psychologically unsafe workplaces.
  • Low Trust causes a TAX – in time, money, and energy.

Solve What?

Where Can
I learn More?

3. Where Can I Learn More About Solving my People Performance Problems?

We have extensive wisdom, experience, and expertise, around building High Performance People, Teams, Leadership and Cultures… that thrive in tough times.    We can help take you through a potent, life-shifting, process to rewire, re engage, rejuvenate, and re align – your people, teams. leadership and culture. 

  • Developed over 45+ years of R&D
  • Over R12 Million invested in Time and Money
  • We understand and comprehend the major people challenges you face
  • We’ve helped clients completely transform their workplace mindsets, teamworking, culture and climate
  • We are the authority in Corporate Soul Surgery that delivers long term results

4. What Steps Can I begin to take?

The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE framework and philosophy, follows a systematic proven process covering People, Teams, Leadership and Culture…Optimisation.

  • Establish current state with Assessments- visible and invisible – by person, team, tribe, function, department, division, leader and location.
  • Clarify Causal Factors – don’t try fix symptoms
  • Implement the Consciously Constructive people development process
  • Transform team dynamics, conflicts and connections
  • Lift Leadership Effectiveness & Consciousness
  • Clear Culture of constraints and create constructive context and climate

What Steps?

What’s it Really
Going to Take?

5. Whats it Really Going to Take to Solve this Challenge?

A thorough, tested, and proven, process that starts from the top and cascades throughout the entire organisation.

  • Start with People – Individual issues, Mindsets, Meaning, Challenges and Growth
  • Rebuild Team fabric, foundation, focus and fuel
  • Leverage Limitless Leadership – Raise Leadership Consciousness
  • Clear the Culture, Context and Climate
  • Develop #ADAPTAGILITY throughout your organisation

6. What’s it Costing me if i Don’t Fix the Performance Problems? Millions!

We have invested over 45 Years and R12 Million in R&D around High Performance People, Teams Leadership and Culture. So we KNOW that You are losing lots.

  • Calculate just 10% of total Monthly Salary bill x 12
  • What are bad Communication problems costing
  • How much better could you do with improved Collaboration
  • We have clients who have almost 4x’d their business results
  • Toxic workplaces destroy motivation and lose talent.
  • Replacing lost talent costs BIG in time and MONEY

What’s The
Cost of Inaction?


7. What Effective Solutions Are Available?

Solving the People performance Challenges starts with SELF Mastery

  • Toxic Culture Causes Fear based context
  • Leadership credibility was trashed

8. What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Clients have had amazing results. Some up to almost 4x annual business performance. LifeShifting for individuals, and life-Giving for teams and business.

  • Reduction of Interdepartmental Conflicts
  • Improved Communication and commitment to core business results
  • greater Trust, Teamwork, Connection and Collaboration
  • Reducing Racial / Cultural Conflicts and disengagement
  • Increased energy, entheusiasm and positive expectations
  • Better Growth Mindsets and increased Psychological Capital
  • Increase interdepartmental co-operation and communication
  • Enhanced Leadership credibility and effectiveness
  • A High Performance Culture, Clearer Climate. Psychologically Safe Context
  • A condusive context for exponential impacts and results

Impacts &

What is

9. What’s Your ROI On This Investment?

Your Return on Investment with the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE process is exponential > 10x

  • Client #1 IDT : invested R95,000 and gained a almost 4x increase in annual total business volume, From R200 Million to almost R800 Million. Exponential ROI!

  • Client 2: Oxbow and Lovel: Level #1 RevWork took them from R30 Million Revenue to R50 Million. Level #2 Workshop took them from R50 Million towards R100 Million. Levell #3 took them from R100 Million towards R180 Million. Exponential ROI!

  • Your workplace becomes, Happier, Healthier, Hope-filled, Higher Performance and has greater potential to achieve outstanding results.

10. How Will Our Life Be Better?

Life changing for individuals, and Life-Giving for teams and the organisational performance potential.

Individually – people become more awake, aware, conscious, resilient, Ready and response-able with better mindsets and attitudes

Trust grows in teams, teamwork improves, communication and collaboration are embraced by everyone

Leadership become limitless, leveraged, Likeable, and Credible, increasing trust, engagement and energy

Your Organisational Culture Gets cleared of static, old memes, Negative history, Limiting Beliefs and Constrained cultural artifacts.

What are
My Benefits?

Whats Next?
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11. The Next BEST Steps to Transform Your People, Teams, Leadership & Culture?

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Our Proven Philosophy, Framework and process delivers outstanding impacts, results and sustainability.

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