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High Performance Organisational Culture in a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE wi

We’ve all heard that Culture eats strategy for breakfast…..well.  I’d like to add lunch and dinner into the mix as well. 

Ensuring Long-Term Success, with REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Corporate Team Culture Clearing Process

Your organisation’s culture is ideally described as dominant and foundation of values, attitudes, norms, beliefs, expectations, that guide and control the way staff think, feel and act.

Your organisational or team culture directly impacts the mindsets, meaning, focus, decisions, and actions of your People, Teams, and Leadership. In face Organisational culture can account for up to 40%-50% of your results.

Organisational culture, is the manifestation of the beliefs, and behaviors that constitute the requisite mindsets for thriving in the psychological and workplace climate and  environment of a a team, department or organisation.

Aligning your strategy with your culture is vital for execution excellence, expectations, and High Performance results.  The problem is that changing culture is far harder, than adjusting strategy.  But executive seldom factor in the Organisational Culture constraints, into their strategic plans…   They get rewarded and recognised for creating the strategic plan…

From our extensive REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE experiences and research, we know that a one-size-fits-all Culture Model is not a viable or sane solution.

We believe that Culture is the invisible fabric of consciousness that pervaded and permeates into every corner of your workplace.  Culture is a CONSEQUENCE of CONTEXT, People, Teams, Leadership….

Through our Consciously Constructive REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE approach, we assist our clients in answering the following questions:

  • What is our current culture?
  • What culture do we need to effectively drive our strategy?
  • Will our current culture , help or hinder our strategy execution?
  • How do we preserve what is working in the culture
  • How do we improve whats not working?
  • What do we want our ideal culture to look like?

Organisation comprises of individuals and thus our culture transformation methodology is aimed at an individual, team and organisational level. Our tailorable solution focuses on these key four steps:

  1. Diagnose: Assess the existing culture in concrete and specific terms, through interviews, surveys, observations and focus groups.
  2. Design: Based on what was identified as the strengths and potential challenges that most impact the organisation, we develop a strategic plan articulating the desired culture and associated mechanisms and intervention to move towards it.
  3. Integrate: Implementing the mechanisms to reinforce desired behaviours.
  4. Measure and Maintain: We leverage the mechanisms of the Diagnose phase in order to assess whether the desired change has occurred, and what can be continued to maintain the momentum.

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