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Time to Seriously Change The Game of Business with #ADAPTAGILITY

To thrive in the Industrial 4.0 Ever-changing uncertain
times, you must use Adapt-Agility as
Your Company’s SUPERPOWER?

“ADAPTAGILITY: The Synthesis of Adaptability, Agility, Resilience, and Conscious Limitless Leadership Mindsets, abilities, & characteristics, for ENSURING successful behaviours and actions, of people, and organizations,to effectively and rapidly respond to uncertainty, new information or changed circumstances.”  

We live in an era of risk, uncertainty, instability, and constant CHANGE.

This Corona constraint is NOT GOING AWAY SOON – To survive, and then thrive, we must build #ADAPT-AGILITY, into every level of your organisation.

1. People.
2. Teams
3. Leadership
4. Culture

ADAPTAGILITY IS VITAL to thriving and responding rapidly to challenges and mega-waves of uncertainty, in the modern climate of accelerating change, it’s fast becoming one of the determining factors in ‘surviving vs thriving’ in the future of work.

Get a head start in this decade’s most significant competitive advantage.

Create a unique point of difference for your firm in an area set to explode in value.

Generate increased value for you and your customers, both in services, ROI,  and revenue generation.


Ability AQ
Who adapts and why?

Represents learned adaptability skills, such as the ability to pursue a goal long term despite obstacles (Grit), the ability to hold contradictory ideas in mind (Mental Flexibility), self-beliefs (Hi PsyCap Mindset), recover from setbacks (Resilience/AQ), and the ability to be able to let go of old skills and learn new ones (Unlearn).

Ability AQ can change over time as you learn and grow your skillset. As a result, it has the greatest impact on your AQ score.

CHARACTER are looking for to get their stasis back to a reasonable balance

Financial Stability
Better Leadership
Great Managers


3. Environment

3. Where Can I Learn More About #ADAPTAGILITY?

When does someone adapt? ,What Controls Agility? How do we Build Resilience?

Your environment; Culture, context and business climate, can either contribute or contaminate your adaption and agility. 

Even people with high adaptability skills, and an adaptable personality can struggle to adapt if their environment or leadership / management styles negatively impacts adaptability.

This is why this third dimension of AQ is critical.

For most people your work environment is typically out of your direct control.  Our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE and ADATAGILITY system : We measure across 6 sub-dimensions:

Culture, Leadership, Engagement/Energy, Adaptagility /Appreciative, Right Mindsets & Relationships, Execution.



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