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What's the Hawthorn Effect?

THE HAWTHORNE EFFECT – an increase in worker performance and productivity produced by the psychological stimulus of being individually respected, appreciated and made to feel important and valuable.


The Concept of using workplace team building activities to improve performance and workplace productivity and engagement, can be traced back to around the 1920s/ 30s with the Hawthorne Studies.

The research involved team building activities, calculated to examine what happened to a group of employees under a variety of workplace and management conditions.

The core discovery from this research was that regardless of the experimental activities and actions, the production of the workers seemed to improve.  

One rational conclusion is that the workers were pleased to receive attention from the researchers who expressed an interest in them and their work.

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Verb – Make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; become adjusted to new conditions.




Noun – The ability to think, understand, and move, quickly and easily.



RESILIENCE/AQ Adversity Intelligence

Noun – The ability to bounce back after adversity. To operate effectively under stress or pressure. The mental ability to keep on going, even thought times and conditions are not ideal.

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Thriving and Winning
With Better Teamworking

Teamworking matters, in today’s competitive times. ALL companies MUST optimise their People, Teams, Leadership and Culture in order to thrive in these uncertain times.

This has been true in the past, and is just as true today…

In the past experts were focused on researching ways to improve work place performance… After extensive exploration the researchers agreed that it seemed that the most significant contributing factor, from their research, was the development of a feeling of group identity, a feeling of social support, and unity, that came with increased worker interaction.

Certain critical conditions were identified for developing an effective work team. They are as follows:

#Hawthorn Effect Actions

– The manager or team leader took an interest in each person’s successes
– He was proud of the record of the team
– He assisted the group to work together to set its own conditions of work
– He always posted the opinions on performance.
– The team took pride in its successes and had the satisfaction of outsiders showing interest in what they did.
– The group did not feel they were being compelled to change.
– Before any changes were made, the team was consulted and decisions made as a team
– The group developed a sense of confidence and frankness

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The findings of the Hawthorne Studies has prompted smart companies to seriously consider the benefits idea of grouping their employees into effective work teams. 

Today this is even more important to create cohesive, connected, collaborative High Performance Teams with High #ADAPTAGILITY Mindsets and skillsets, that ENSURE that they can flourish in tough uncertain, ever-changing, mega-Waves of Change, challenge, AND OPPORTUNITY.



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