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Free Staff Team Building Guide: Creating High Performance People, Teams, Leadership and Cultures in Tough VUCA times.

Optimise your staff’s life-time value. Create a potent, High-Performance, REVOLUTIONARY workplace, that achieves 2x-10x Employee life-time value in a VUKA, ever-changing, world.

Revwork Staff Teambuildng Package 2018.2V25K And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

CLEARx High Performance
Team Building System

– By Tony Dovale
#1 - The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Framework

…Creating Conscious Constructive Leadership, Peak Performance, and 10xponential Impacts; helping people to use their strengths to move faster, collaborative more, be more efficient, create greater agility, flexibility, resilience, and adaptability, inside continuous change. Bring more empathy into your business…To be #FutureFit in a VUCA and post CoronaVirus Contrained world!

Through our unique Revolutionary Workplace’s CLEARx High-Performance Exponential Results optimisation philosophy, framework, and system, we impact personal, team, and leadership, performance in these core areas:

• Constructive Culture: Context, Constraints, Clarity & Creativity
• Limitless Leadership: Learning, Service and Love
• Engagement: Energy, Experience & Empowerment
• Appreciative Action and Accountabilities (Ownership)
• Right Mindedness: Mindset, Meaning, Mastery & Psychological Capital
• eXecution Excellence: Towards Peak Performance and Agile Excellence

#2 -The HPO - Levels People, Teams, Leadership and Culture
The Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx® HPT System 4 Levels Focus.
People Are Your Most Valuable Assets…Develop Them!

So tough times require tough mindsets and high Psychological Capital. The right mindset qualities can make your staff up to 7 times more valuable in the workplace!

We assist and guide a profound shift in Identity, Growth-Oriented Mindsets, Attitudes; Thinking, Feeling and Actions. This is the foundation of Execution Excellence and your competitive advantage.

Team Dynamics Are Vital…Trust, Tolerance & Teamworking
Every company needs High-Performance Teamworking (HPT) to deliver reliable, relevant results, effectively service clients, action agreed plans, and create greater value.

The foundation begins with positive Relationships. Then we build greater trust, increase tolerance, reduce racism, rebuild connection and collaboration; Creating High-Performance TEAMWORKING, builds the capacity for high performance execution of strategic intentions.

Leadership Guides And Empowers Potential & Performance
Develop effective, LEAN, Likeable and LIMITLESS leadership because 30% to 60% of business impacts come from an effective, agile, responsive leadership style. Many leaders don’t have the right mindset, or skillset, to resolve workplace culture challenges, or shape a culture and context, that attracts, engages, and retains great new talent, and fully activates and grows potential in a workplace, that values wellness, well-being and winning for all.

Culture & Context Controls And Enables Higher Performance
Engagement & Energy come from leadership impact. Building a Revolutionary Workplace culture that delivers exponential impacts and results, requires a positive and empowering CONSCIOUSLY CONSTRUCTIVE foundation.

With less than 30% of staff being ENGAGED, and at least 50%+ open for other employment, companies need a more MEANINGFUL vision, values, workplace culture, rewards, recognition, and development, that excite, inspire and energise their staff to be fully committed go the extra-mile.

Execution excellence is the outcome of a High Performance culture and Limitless Leadership. This attracts and keeps great talent, and ensures greater use of potential, and builds REAL success, on many levels.

Over 45 years of Research, development and refinement – have created the word’s most POTENT People, Teams, Leadership and Culture optimising Philosophy, Framework and Process to help you optimise your workplace engagement and performance
for exponential impacts and results.

#3 -Optimising Employee Life Time Value by 2.5x
Employee LifeTime Value Optimisation for Exponential Results

The graph below reveals astounding increased value for effectively developing people and teams with our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Organisation (HPO) Framework, philosophy and system.

4 Steps of People Performance Optimisation are:

1. Onboarding and getting them up to speed…fastest.
2. Ongoing Consciously Constructive Mindset and skillset development to optimise and EXPAND potential.
3. Incremental Improvement of Action: performance, productivity and results.
4. How long they stay and optimal engagement, performance & Teamwork achieved.

HPO System pillars to be addressed in optimizing performance: People, Teams, Leadership and Culture.

Assumptions: Developed staff only perform 20% better each year. They STAY for 3 years instead of typical 2 years, usually dependent upon Peers, Teamworking, Trust Levels, Culture / Relationships, Leadership Style and Psy-Cap.

Consciously Constructive =2.5X Times Benefit
The benefit (for Sales Example below) between a no-dev and a Consciously Constructive RevWork development process is over $1,3 Million!

Example: Sales people used for scenarios, as output is directly measurable. Assume scenario 1 & 2 salespeople salaries=$60,000. Yearly quota=$600,000.

Assume: The better sales person improves just 20%, year on year, performance vs the average no improvement sales person. This translates to $5,000/month salary and $50,000/month in sales revenue. Their projected output per month is $50,000 of revenue, less their salary of $5,000, resulting in $45,000 net revenue per month/salesman.

Over 3 years the Consciously Constructive IMPROVED approach creates ELTV= $1,3 MILLION GAIN (2.5x)

Tony Dovale Transback 18 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Destiny Statement: Tony is on the planet to bring more Integrity, freedom, love, laughter, abundance, meaning, peace and joy, to those who are ready,

He does this through talks, workshops, team buildings, coaching, talks, and training, in a manner that supports PEOPLE, PLANET & PROFITS… for those who are ready.


What an amazing breath of FRESH air!

As a professional conference organiser, and being in the PCO industry for over 26 years, I’ve seen them all. Better than most speakers and facilitators I’ve seen, ever!

It’s really very hard to impress me, but Tony held my attention from the first moment, for the full talk!

Tony is Outstanding!  Marinda. Saaci PCO

About Tony Dovale

,Tony Dovale, founder and CEO of Life Masters, is the Business “Soul Surgeon”, and the “Bullet Proof” GO Mindset Guy, that enables REAL Business Success with his #FutureFit GO Mindset approach; FIERCE Focus and SWIFT Action system, in a Consciously Constructive, Revolutionary High-Performance Workplace, that supports People, Planet AND Profits.

Tony helps People, Teams, Leadership and Cultures to achieve exponential impacts & results in a human positive manner.

His personal transformation -LifeShift- and #FutureFit Revolutionary Workplace High Performance systems, activate, expands, and aligns, the best and fullest potential in People, Teams, Leadership, and Organisational Culture.

His proven CLEARx framework and approach helps achieves exponential impacts where resilience, relationships, courage, care, responsiveness and agility prevail to create exponential impacts.

Tony’s Mind-Grow-Tainment, and Team-Flow-Grow, approaches are strengths-based, appreciative, experiential, and action-learning, focused to achieve deepest impacts on human consciousness.

He fuses real-life experiences, Neuro-science, and powerful stories, together, to take you, and your people, teams & leadership, to the next-level of potential and possibility. 

Tony’s an expert in Resilience, Courageous Growth Mindsets, Psychological Capital development, and High Performance People, Teams, Leadership and Culture…systems.

He is a globally certified facilitator of the Science of Happiness@work(tm), and a specialist in applying leading-edge technologies, tools, and frameworks, like Consciously Constructive Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx, Appreciative Inquiry, Emotionetics and Neuroscience, to energise, optimise and achieve exponential impacts and results.

Tony’s the author of SoulShift, SWIFT SUCCESS, #FutureFit, and Riding the Razor.

He’s also developed:

  • 1. LifeShift Formula WON Success Ensurance System
    • Personal Mindset Mastery System 13 CD Set
  • The Revolutionary Workplace High Performance CLEARx System
    • Consciously Constructive Framework, Philosophy and Systems.
Client Feedback
“Before Tony, We had so many problems, we had no idea where to start. Tony’s CLEARx system gave us the guidance and process to begin to totally transform our team on every level. He gave us a new life! Leon…Exec Mgr/ Std Bank.
Tony’s potent CLEARx process helped us to go from R200 Million to almost R800 Million annual revenue. 
Placeholder And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

DEON Snr Financial controller

IDT – Independent Development Trust
In all my career, this REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE process is the most potent team and leadership experience I’ve ever encountered.
Placeholder And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng


4th Largest Medical Aid in SA
Tony’s REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE work is the most profound and thought-provoking action learning experience.
Placeholder And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Clive Stacy

Chairman & Strategy Guru
Tony’s REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE process has been life-changing for the people and life Giving for the organisation.
Placeholder And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng


Financial Manager – Public Protector
Revwork Staff Teambuildng Package 2018.2V25K And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng
CLEARx High Performance
The Potent, Proven, Profound, REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE is here for you…Fast-track your people and teams performance… today!
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