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Develop Growth-Oriented mindsets in your Staff and

enable HIGH-PERFORMANCE Teamworking

Team SOUL Surgery…Delivers “almost free” team building ideas
High-Performance Team Tune-Up with SOUL, because the results pay for themselves 


  • Is your workplace toxic and demotivating?
  • Are staff tired, frustrated, and on their way to burnout?
  • Are people cranky, conflicted, and irritable?
  • Have you got rising racism and reduced results?

Disengagement, micromanagement, racism, conflicts, excessive, toxic workplace, bureaucracy, fear, fiefdoms, low trust, and fiasco…these are all symptoms of high fear and low consciousness in the workplace. 

Organizations battle these problems on multiple fronts, not realizing the solution to them all lies in one core idea: Freedom and Support to perform you one’s potential.


Shift Your Culture From Survive to Thrive and From Fear to Freedom

Solution: Unleash your staff human Potential, build better teamwork and team spirit, Inspire greatness with Staff motivation and Team building activity ideas….2 hours team resilience, respect, motivation and performance optimisation session with Tony Dovale.

Get real value team development activities that deliver personal and business benefits to increase employee engagement through Appreciative Inquiry, Mindset Mastery, High-Performance Fun. Develop positive Mindsets, Leadership and Culture.

Positively focus on people, relationships, connections, communication, trust, teamwork, Leadership mindsets and reduce discrimination, racism, conflicts, confusion and Workplace “Static”.

Create more freedom for your staff to be happy@work and perform at full their potential.

Begin the adventure of inspiring and creating a positive culture and Revolutionary Workplace where your people, flourish and thrive, TOGETHER.

Love Makes The Workplace Better and Pumps up Performance and Profits

Create a workplace where people love to work, love the work, and love the emotional culture and a positive spirit that prevails. 

This works because research shows that … love in the workplace increases employee retention, happiness, resilience, well-being and the bottom-line.

Build a Revolutionary Workplace where your people are a strongly connected, collaborative, high performance team that reduces absenteeism, presenteeism and racism.  

This enhances personal accountability, job satisfaction and greater commitment to the organisation.

Put the Soul and heart back into the humanity of the workplace for exponential impacts and results.

There’s a wide range of multiple benefits that impact individuals, teams and positive workplace dynamics that ripple out at least 3 levels from the workplace.

IF you care….show it and make work and life BETTER.  Create a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE with Soul. Create a healthy, thriving workplace with high levels of well-being and winning,

Your investment in your team will deliver ROI’s that make this a SAVVY INVESTMENT… that delivers results and returns in multiple personal and business domains. creating a workplace and world where everyone achieves their potential, supporting People, Planet & Profits..

Call Tony Dovale for your super special package of ongoing team tune-up at a fee that will make this a “no-brainer” decision.   Mobile: 083-447-6300

Note: Revolutionary Workplace High performance Teams creates the optimal conditions for individual achievement and high performance team achievement and collective meaningful success.


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Optimise and energise your staff and workplace

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