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Free High Performance Organisation (HPO) Culture  Diagnostic Scans


FREE REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Organizational Culture Optimisation diagnostic process to understand your current status, and actions needed to bring passion, purpose, performance, meaning, and creativity, to your workplace.

We are giving away R1,000,000 in High Performance Teams Coaching & Consulting.

Our Purpose and goal is to support creating Consciously Constructive workplaces and improved morale, by helping management to understand the current CONTEXT and CULTURE, and then work with staff to build and support a REVOLUTIONARY High Performance WORKPLACE with a positive, proactive, high resilience and #ADAPTAGILITY Work Culture.

Involve to Engage Employees

Passion, positive, emotions, helps build Psychological Capital and personal and organisational resilience and #AdaptAgility

Staff who are engaged and involved, with some meaning and purpose, are way more excited, creative, committed, collaborative, and cohesive, when problem solving, innovating, overcoming constraints, and  optimising performance.

The foundation of all action is personal Psychological Capital, which includes hope… Hope is the spark, that keeps the furnace growing…

As a leader you must rethink…. what culture and context would support my people to perform to their fullest potential, where they thrive, and succeed and win more often, in their work? 

You must know where you are. before you can choose the direction to a better future.

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How well, how consistently, and to what extent do you actively seek fresh ideas, perspectives, and advice?

What is a Growth mindset: an attitude and approach to seek and consider new ideas, alternatives, approaches, and fresh perspectives.

This component encourages individuals to be open-minded and curious; and it also fosters a spirit of exploration, and a willingness to simply “do more,” to devote the extra time and energy it takes to stretch oneself, even in conditions of adversity or serious challenge.

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How well, how fast, and to what extent do you put any and all adversity to constructive use.

Resilience/AQ: the capacity to bounce back from adversity or failure, and also
deal with adversity constructively by turning an unsuccessful experience into “fuel”
for increasing one’s effort in the next attempt.

Resilience enables you to endure setbacks, to try again harder, and to keep seeking solutions. It develops the mindset that taking risks, facing adversity, or tackling anything difficult is more meaningful, more intrinsically motivating, and ultimately more rewarding than simply performing the minimum amount of work or taking on only what is easy.

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To what extent do you pursue the right/best goals, in the most effective ways?

Instinct: the innate desire to pursue the most worthy goals in the smartest ways.

This component reveals one’s capacity to harness past experiences and information gathered from others, to think critically, and to solve problems strategically.

It encourages creativity, agility, and practicality in working toward goals.

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Compared to the best, how long, how hard, how far will you crank toward your most worthy goals?

Tenacity: persistence toward your goals, in spite of difficulty, challenge,  or discomfort.

This also involves the ability to delay gratification, to repeatedly marshal focused
energy and effort, and to willingly exhibit passionate personal commitment to a goal.

Beware of believing you know it all! 

Commit to improving your Context & Culture. 

Crisis brings people together if they have a common goal… a goal like improving their workplace so they can achieve more, be more, and have more potential when they return to work as usual… if ever ;).

Combine people with purpose, and amazing things are possible… especially during a crisis!

Tony Dovale, Developer of the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams system, supports companies, leaders, and their people, by showing them through facilitating, coaching, and advising, executives in how to turn this CORONA crisis, into an amazing RETHINK opportunity.

How do you give your people purpose that unleashes passion?
What must change in your organizational culture, to be more effective, engaging and energising?

Hope & Cope?

How is your organization dealing with the pandemic?

Are you hoping it will turn out fine, or are you smart enough to take FIERCELY Focused SWIFT Action to ENSURE a better, brighter, bolder future for all.


Assessing your coping approach

12 + 12 =

Limitless Leadership

Are you…ready to lead more impact-fully, energetically, and consciously, into the LIMITLESS Leadership approach, for a productive, potent, positive present, with Clear intention, Vision & Love?

High Performance Facilitation Services:

We offer Fast-Track Sessions, Master-Classes, Executive Coaching, Keynote talks and REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE interventions and facilitation.

Chat with us about Boosting your people, team’s and leadership performance.

We have clients 2x’ing, to almost 4x’ing, their results with our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE CLEARx High Performance teams process.

The results of our interventions always add greater value, and increase business results. Clients interventions essentially pay for themselves with ROI’s into 50+

Limitless Leadership Workshops & Coaching

High Performance Team Coaching and Retreats

Our coaching and facilitation process works via face to face interventions, or Skype and Zoom, to bring leaders, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and teams, together.

We also do VERY POTENT, face-to-face, team and leadership  facilitation, through “Mind-Grow-Flow” immersion retreats.

Our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Team Building Events are customised to your specifi workplace issues: context, constraints, needs, outcomes, and core business purpose. We usually approach Performance Optimisation projects in the following process: (Right)

Step 1. Clarify

Clarify the purpose, scope, longevity, importance, constraints, context, and measurable outcomes;

Step 3. Assessments & discovery

Assessment: High Performance CLEARx. Plus other measurements (EQ, AQ, etc) for current context;

Step 5. Post Event Assessment 

Post project measurement: Track shifts, stalls, stuckness, and highlight next steps, and development needs, individually and collectively.

Step 2. Approach

Set-up appropriate discovery, communications, and supporting process; Platforms and facilitation.

Step 4. Intervention Process

Process, and intervention:  The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE – People, Teams, Leadership and Culture experiential, action-learning process..

Step 6. Iterate and Optimise 

6. Loop back to NO#1 to again go up another level… Close discovered GAPS. Unleash more Potential. Improve collaboration, commitment, competence and clarity.

Keynotes, Conferences, and Company events

Keynotes, Presentations and Master-Classes.

Tony Dovale is available to coach, speak, facilitate, or consult, on specific topics relevant to High Performance Courageous Growth Mindsets, Self and Leadership Mastery, REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACES, and team Collaboration.

Plus we facilitate potent High Performance strategic change management and boost interventions

This helps achieve more effective execution of strategic goals.

“We enable you to educate, inform, inspire, activate, and align, the fullest people potentials and actions.”

Take your people, and teams to exponential impacts and results.

For a free audio overview of the new REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System, Contact tony on 083-447-6300. 



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