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Deliberately Developmental Organisations To Create Peak Performance and High-Performance Results

Is Your Company a Deliberately Developmental Organization? (or If you are starting…”Consciously Constructive Culture”)


How to become a High Performance Business that is Human Positive and a high performance team.


Unleashing people’s potential is the biggest leadership opportunity and challenge of the twenty-first century. 

Are you worried more about how “good you are”, or about how fast and effectively you are learning and growing?” 

Are you more worried about looking good and protecting your identity, than about achieving the required business goal in the most optimal manner?

Do you put equal value on leading a profitable company, that also contributes to the growth and flourishing of your people, as an end in itself?

“What is the most powerful way to develop the capabilities of people at work?”  

In a world that’s changing faster than ever, where Millennials are demanding jobs with meaning, relevance and development opportunities, leaders must rethink their outdated old fashioned approach.

The Emergence Of The New Incomes

We live in extraordinary times. Gone are the days when payoffs were purely economic. We’re now seeing the search of new returns: personal fulfillment, meaningfulness, significance and happiness.

These are payoffs to the Inner Person, the intangible, yet CONSCIOUS SELF, to fulfilment in the interior world.

Salaries, bonuses, and benefits are fundamental to survival, but increasingly, they’re not adequate for keeping high levels of workplace engagement.

The rise of these new needs, or incomes, signifies the biggest shift in the workplace-reward equation since the rise of the labour movement.

The single biggest loss of resources that organisations suffer every day – is loss of ENERGY. Our research reveals that up to 78% of your people’s energy is wasted on covering up their weaknesses, managing people’s impressions, showing their best advantage, playing corporate and team politics, hiding inadequacies, hiding uncertainties, hiding limitations and fighting their internal mental STATIC.

This prevents organisations, Teams, and the people who work in them, from activating and using their full potential.

In an increasingly VUKA world; volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, organisations expect more with less from the people who work for them. But our organisational culture, Values, and leadership approaches fail to match that need.

How do you integrate adult-developmental to enhance organisational performance and profitability, improve trust and honesty in communications, reduce political and racial conflicts, and increase creativity, innovation and execution, to support a Regenerative future?

A Radical New Model for Unleashing Your Company’s Potential 


The Revolutionary Workplace High-Performance System is A Radical New approach for Unleashing, engaging and aligning your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture’s, potential. It’s a whole new way of BEing at work.

It advocates that the culture you create is your powerful strategic advantage.  And the key to REAL success is developing and transforming everyone.

To Ensure success, winning companies need to have a more holistic approach to growth that includes People, teams, leadership and Culture. 

The best way to unleash and optimise an organization’s energy and power, is to activate and harness the full potential of individual employees and teams.

All humans brains are programmed 3 time more for protection. But we’re also set up to grow psychologically; to evolve, to develop and build greater consciousness.

Research shows that the primary cause of workplace burnout is not work overload and stress, but working too long without relevant personal recuperation and deep personal development.


What blocks your staff from reaching their full potential?


People must be vulnerable in order to grow personally.

Thus they need a community that will make them feel safe.

Deliberately developmental organisations create that workplace through qualities common to many high-performance organizations—accountability, transparency, #Adapt-Agility, and positive support. 

What if a company did everything in its power to create a culture in which everyone could overcome their own internal barriers to change, and use mistakes and vulnerabilities, as prime opportunities for personal and company growth, to strive for exponential impacts and results that supports people, planet AND Profits?

Do you want your people, teams and company to become a high-performance world-class leader?

Do you claim that your company’s greatest asset – it’s your people. Your people and teams all have to work together effectively to fulfill the common goals, objectives, mission and vision of your company.

Are you satisfying your staffs’ deepest motivations and desire to grow and achieve something meaningful?

Many managers and leaders believe think they are looking after their staff, but when we do research, we find they are missing the mark, by far!

Ask yourself what would our workplace look like if we truly put people first and became a human positive organisation?

Are you ready to Revolutionise and Rethink your Workplace Mindset and become a CONSCIOUS AND deliberately developmental organisation or CDDO.  Ready to create a workplace inexorably focused on growing the capacities, capabilities, connections and contributions of everyone in the business:

  • building all your staff’s personal development qualities up to levels of Conscious Self Mastery.
  • establish a workplace where people could safely explore and grow through their blind spots.
  • overcome their challenges and learn to embrace change and conflicts
  • creating a culture of learning, flexibility, and agility (#Adapt-Agility)
  • Creating Leadership in every person and growing Psychological Capital.
  • to seek. see and seize opportunities for growth within every mistake or perceived weakness.

This is what a Conscious and Deliberately Developmental workplace looks like.  The core focus and philosophy is the commitment and actions to grow all your people to their highest potential, individually and in their teams.

Deliberately Developmental Organisations (DDOs), a concept coined by Kegan, Lahey, Miller, Fleming, and Helsing (2016).

Most businesses are committed to helping some of their people grow – the ones they’ve identified as “high-potential.” But that’s just not good enough for a Conscious leadership mindset or CDDO.

Team Building workshops, leadership development, executive coaching, and annual retreats are important components of the effort to improve performance, But they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to becoming and being a Conscious DDO.

To success on the High-Performance Path, the organisational culture must be re-engineered to include deep people development throughout the workplace and culture continuously.

To become a Consciously Constructive or DDO beyond the core concept of making people development and growth your company’s number one priority. It must be part of the daily fabric of the workplace and the company’s  operations, routines, and conversations.

It means rethinking your workplace principles, practices, and community /structure. It means rethinking to be in deep alignment with personal development and business development on every level.

The Conscious DDO goes beyond simple job development to include deep personal growth, and mindset transformation, in its development culture.  So employee development is not the same as career development.

Leaders of DDOs make sure those they serve become healthier, happier, wiser, freer, and more autonomous. And because the goal of a DDO is that, every person every day is working on developing not only themselves but others, they in effect become servant leaders.




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