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 Do you want to be an active part of Changing the World?

Helping us to Unleash Potential, Activate SWIFT Action, and Raising Consciousness, to bring more Freedom, Love, Abundance, Peace, Meaning, and Joy?

Hi, my name is Tony Dovale. I’m founder, CEO, and chief Consciousness Coach of Life Masters.

I have been in business, and a coach, for more than 45 years. 😉

My core focus is on all the SOFT stuff, because the soft stuff IS the HARD stuff.:

  • REAL High Performance TEAM BUILDING
  • Culture change and Culture Clearing


By profession, I have a strong Sales & IT background. So i’m a “TECHY”

Now I hack Human Software to unleash more potential, and create more freedom. meanung, abundance, peace and love.

By passion and mission. I’m here to RAISE HUMANITY’S CONSCIOUSNESS, and leave the world in a better way than I found it… with more love, light, peace, abundance, meaning, and joy.

I started Life Masters along similar lines of Toastmasters.

Where you go to Toastmasters to learn to speak, Life Masters is where we help you to learn how to unleash your fullest potential, live a full life, and have a good balance of health, wealth, love, peace, and happiness.

We help people to ENSURE greater REAL SUCCESS, In all areas of their Lives.


I’m looking for performance-partners, who are passionate about making a positive difference to themselves and humanity.

To collaborate in marketing, sales, delivery, promoting, and eventually, learning to use my materials, and take Life Masters’ impacts, and enable it to become like global Toastmasters…a self-sustaining people-performance, happiness, Love, Health and Well-being, development system, around the world.

So that one day when I do move on, at a 100 and plenty, all of this work will continue to bring love, light, abundance, peace, and joy to humanity, raise our consciousness, and help us to all live happily connect, collaborate, and live together.

If this excites you, please get back to me and let’s chat and see how we can create something that is a win win win for all 3 of us – you, me, and humanity.

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In these ever-changing times people need help and support….Lots of it.. Help to… build MORE GRIT, #Adaptagility, and determination, to :

  • Build resilient mindsets
  • Be more awake, aware and active
  • Growth their Potential
  • Improve collaboration & Communication
  • Improve their thinking & Feeling
  • Choose best self-development
  • Be more Motivated
  • Reduce Conflict
  • Help with money management
  • Be a better team player
  • Grow their Emotional Intelligence
  • Improve their leadership ability
  • Handle Stress
  • Reverse Learned Helplessness
  • Avoid Loneliness
  • Improve Employee Engagement
  • Be more Adaptable and Agile – AdaptAgility
  • And More….
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OUR MARKET FOCUS – Business and Personal

There are essentially two markets that we address within Life Masters and TonyDovaleSpeaks, business leadership speaker website:

Market Focus #1: Business Market

Why: because they typically have the bigger “pain”, the need, and the money to invest to solve the problems.

In that business market we have a product called Revolutionary Workplace, for optimizing people, teams, leadership, and culture. which consists of:

  • Talks – R25K
  • Assessments – R400-R2950
  • Workshops R18-28k
  • Coaching R 20-90K
  • Training R15-150K
  • Strategy Facilitation (R50k-250K)

For the people component we work on things like mindset, attitude, resilience, psychological capital, well-being, and adaptive agility.

We do the world’s most powerful and effective company team buildings, from a half day team coaching process, to a 1,2,3, or 4 day High Performance immersion team optimization process.

It’s the most potent version of team building rather than the silly kiddies group games.

Typical Average Sales Value per Deal: R15k to 40K



See testimonials here https://www.lifemasters.co.za/teambuildingtestimonials/

 So Life Masters core focus is in the human element component of business.

It’s people, teams, leadership and culture. We provide a range of assessments talks, workshops, coaching, training, and interventions for the people development.

It’s about building connection, communication, trust, collaboration, and commitment. 

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We include the ability to do leadership development, which is talks, workshops, coaching, and trainings, as well as positive culture change.

On the coaching side, we provide a range of executive, and leadership, coaching options where we can provide coaching to people and teams coaching, in the organization.

We also do coach training of managers to become coaches. Manager to Coach

And then the third part of it, which I’ll explain more later, is about becoming a high performance coach. 

Our Business Markets Focus

Essentially Life Masters business side addresses small to medium companies, corporations, departments, and teams, that would like, or need to, to optimize people performance, reduce stress, reduce conflict, enhance employee engagement, and create a happy, healthy, high performance, workplaces, where people love to come to work, and the results they deliver are outstanding

Our team building is POTENT, valuable and long-lasting. You can see from the testimonials.

Most of it has been life-changing for the people that have participated, and life-giving for the organisation.

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Market Focus #2. The Life Masters personal Development side, which is a large part of my passion.

Success Activators or what I call the LifeShift Success ENSURANCE system.

People spend money on insurance, but we’re talking about something 100x more important… Success ENSURANCE.

LifeShift Success Formula WON SUCCESS Ensurance System

consists of 6 x 1 hour Audios/CDs, that cover the 6 core areas of your life:

  • Mindshift
  • HeartShift
  • Healthshift
  • Wealthshift
  • Leadershift
  • SwiftActionShift

On top of that there are another 6 audios/ CDs that are the Application TOOLS for embedding the wisdom, the knowledge, and the ability to apply learnings.

We market that to individuals. That’s under the SuccessActivators.com website.

 Typical Average Sales Value per Deal: R3k to 7K


 Personal Development Coaching & Workshops

We also have LifeShift personal development workshops and Success Ensurance coaching that goes along with that.

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We then have the Resultsbeyondreasons.com a membership site… work in progress of development.

This is a nibble Knowledge video version of my book SWIFT SUCCESS, where people will register for a monthly membership fee.

They have access to weekly lessons, (Video, Audio, PDF) which, weekly, consists of a

  • 3-6 minute video lesson
  • Points to Ponder
  • and an SWIFT Action Plan

This is combined with Accountability Coaching to embed application, and to support them to take action. 

 Typical Average Sales Value per Deal: $97/Month



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I used to be involved in very deep personal transformation workshops, which I’m looking to start again once we get past COVID.

That’s called LifeShift. The first weekend workshop is

The Phoenix Adventure which is about clearing your past baggage.

The second weekend is Dragon Slayers which is about confronting your fears of the future.

The 3rd Workshop – multiple days/weeks, The Alchemist, is about optimizing your NOW, and understanding what your Soul’s purpose is, and living that dream.

So that’s Life Masters Business and Life Masters Personal.


Typical Average Sales Value per Deal: R5k to 8K

and High Performance Teams building events gauteng
dragslayer and High Performance Teams building events gauteng


I have a website, TonyDovaleSpeaks.com, where I market my talks, and workshops, on a range of subjects that include:

  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • AdaptAgility
  • Growth-Optimised Mindsets
  • Managing remote workers
  • Improving Wellbeing

and other subjects that are relevant and in demand to help people to thrive, and survive, in these tough times. 

 Typical Average Sales Value per Deal: R15k to 25K


That goes along with a lot of content that comes out of my book SWIFT SUCCESS.

I have a 99% completed the book which I’ve been writing for a while called SWIFT SUCCESS, which is the distillation of 45 or 50 years of life wisdoms.

That’s going to be part of the marketing materials and collateral to give out to the people, and forms the foundation of the content for www.ResultsBeyondReasons.com.

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Other Projects.

In addition to these that I’m working on at this moment in time is

1. Partnering with a large organization like an insurance company, with the Life Masters personal content. The company pays a low nominal monthly fee, and the staff, and/or their clients, have access to self development information.

2. I’m looking to set up a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Coaches Tribe – Life Masters

structure for coaches around the world that will be trained, certified, and qualified as High Performance Teams experts, using my Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Framework. Philosophy and System.

That would look to providing them with, how to become a coach, then how to coach using the Revolutionary Workplace framework and proven System. All coaches need a potent differentiator.

There would then be a monthly investment that coaches contribute, to be part of the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE #AdaptAgility Coaching Network.

If we refer business to them, there’s a revenue split. of 60:40. If they get their own business, we take a 15%-20% split. 


I have this site as a Speaker Bureau – It’s ranking quite well, but not actively manged, or  marketed.

 Setting up an online shop for Life Masters materials.

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My Mission:

Essentially, I’m part of a group of volunteers, that are Light Workers, here to raise humanity’s consciousness, and bring more love, light, consciousness, compassion, peace, and joy, to us all.

I have no children because… humanity is my children!

As I’m getting older, (64) and I’m looking to get my wisdom, experience, expertise, material, and information, out into the world.

I’ve invested most of my life, and more than R15 million, in time and money, to get my life’s work, intellectual property, processes, experience, expertise, wisdom and systems.

It’s time to get it out into the world.

I am an entrepreneur to my heart. I’ve never been able to be employed in an organization because I’m not “employable”. 

Some facts about Business Development…

  •  My largest Single Deal : R1,250 Million
  • My Best Month : R510K
  • A typical sale R20k average
  • Target Monthly Revenue R 1 Million ++ 

Tony Dovale -083-447-6300

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