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Boost  Your Leadership Impacts & Results

Become a More Conscious, LIMITLESS Leader – With greater ADAPTAGILITY to Lead more Consciously and more Effectively in These Challenging Times


90 Day Small Group Limitless Leadership HPO Coaching Programme

Discover the Proven High Performance Teams Process, including CLEARx and ADAPTAGILITY, for Optimising People, Teams, Leadership & Culture for 10xPotential Results, in Tough and uncertain Times.

Become a Conscious Limitless Leader…

Based on Tony’s first hand leadership Experiences as a business own/Entrepreneur and leader.

To thrive in these times, you have to become a Limitless Leader and create a Revolutionary High Performance Workplace.

– ADAPTAGILITY:  The new requisite mindset quality and skill set, to enable people and teams, to thrive in uncertainty, challenges and opportunity. 

 – CLEARx High Performance System : Ensures that your actions have optimal impact and value.

Tony’s research and extensive hands on experience ensures he can relate to your context, conditions, and constraints, and help you #FutureProof your mindset and Consciousness. 

42+ Years & R12 Million R&D 

The Revolutionary Workplace High-Performance System, is the brainchild of Tony Dovale, who, according to his clients:

“…delivers the most profound, potent, and transforming experiences. He turbo-charges Potential, Passion, Performance AND Profits “

Boost Your Leadership Impacts

Invest in yourself. Invest in 10X’ing your leadership effectiveness with the new ADAPTAGILITY system.

 So that you and your teams can WIN More often.

  • Insightful and actionable
  • Clearly see what areas need help
  • Discover ares of negative impacts
  • Helps to focus leadership actions
  • Uncover the REAL challenges

“Tony helped us go from R200 Million to almost R800 Million annual revenue, with his Revolutionary Workplace Process.” Deon – Financial Manager Independent Development Trust.

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The Proven, Potent, Practical Approach to

Tony’s 42+ years of R&D brings the Revolutionary Workplace High Performance ADAPTAGILITY System, and CLEARx framework, to the public for the first time.

The Consciously Constructive Teams approach covers the proven 6 “Magic” areas, that must be optimised, to develop the foundations of sustainable, happy, high-performance teams, and thriving workplaces.

  • Clear Culture & Context
  • Limitless Leadership
  • Energy and Engagement
  • Appreciative Agile Actions
  • Right Mindset
  • eXecution Excellence

The full Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx DIAGNOSTIC consists of 60 statements, in the 6 CLEARx dimensions, that once data-visualised, give you deep insights into the heart and Soul of your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture. See samples graphs below.

IF These SMART Companies TRUST US, You Can Too!

Why do global brands like Vodacom, Gijima NEC, Coke, Standard Bank, AND hundreds of smart, forward thinking, companies, use our #FutureFit Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx High Performance system to optimise their people, teams, leadership and culture? Because they transformed mindsets, meaning, self-Mastery; Turbo-charge teamwork, trust, and truth; and have boosted their performance and grown their business. Some by over 50%-380% growth, using the Consciously Constructive (CC) HPO System.

Our Team-Flow-Grow effectiveness is No Accident

The CC Revolutionary Workplace High-Performance Framework is an academically validated and proven framework, researched, refined and developed over 40 years, that you can use to Turbo-Charge and optimise your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture, to deliver Exponential Results.

Practical, Proven, Actionable, Best-Practices

We give you practical, actionable, guidance and experiential action learning mindsights, so you’ll achieve growth and results consistently. This means you’ll build success upon success—and take your Teams performance, up to the next few levels of impact and productivity.

Become a CONSCIOUSLY CONSTRUCTIVE #CC,  Revolutionary Workplace  , and use business as a force for greater good, beyond just profit.

Time to ensure your people, teams, leaders and company culture,  are #FutureFit today…in a VUCA world.

Please Note: Our Consciously Constructive interventions are no ordinary Staff and Team Building events – This is a unique, Mind-shifting, Life-giving…Team transforming experience… It’s Corporate SOUL SURGERY!

Testimonial: As one local #4 Medial Aid CEO/PO said, “In all of my business career – I’ve never experienced something this powerful and profoundly effective!”

How the Limitless Leadership Coaching
Experience is Structured:



  • Email with information overview
  • and a leadership research question
  • 40 Minute Coaching Session + Q&A

You’ll receive an email with pre-prep read on a specific segment

Each CLEARx or ADAPTAGILITY topic is covered in the group coaching session

Key takeaways, worksheets, and templates, are provided.

Weekly “Nibble-Knowledge” bite-sized exercises keep you progressing on a clear path to your goals

Feedback, support, and discussion, weekly in our exclusive FB group

+Platinum: Sample HPO Diagnostic from your direct reports.

+Platinum: 3 additional 1-1 coaching sessions for support and accountability to improve application and embedding  


Your end results will be….

Consciousness, Clarity, Certainty, Competence, to