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Appreciative Inquiry Team Building Workshops in Gauteng to Deliver Exponential Impacts & Outstanding Results

  • Using Appreciative inquiry Team building process truly transforms your teamworking and trust levels
  • REAL Team Building events activities delivers High Voltage Leadership with Trust Acceleration
  • a Staff Team Transformation process achieves outstanding Team  Cohesion & higher quality results
  • Effective staff development exercises increase Growth mindsets, resilience, connection and collaboration

 expert team building with appreciative inquiry team building facilitators

Appreciative Team Building Exercises Deliver Outstanding Workplace Results

Powerful Staff Teamwork building exercises, usually involve light physical activities, and some mental process.

These can vary from outdoor/indoor team exercises, all the way to a high-performance team dynamics event, which will get your staff to achieve exponential results.

The design of these group exercises and multi-layered activities, revolve around teamwork, communication, tolerance, leadership, trustworthiness, behavioral credibility, limitless leadership, engagement, fun and good camaraderie.

Nothing is forced – all activities must build on the power of trust, choice and positive engagement.

With the application of a strong teamwork foundation based upon appreciative inquiry, higher ground leadership, leading tribes and happiness at work…we ensure that everyone is a winner, that the focus is positive, and blaming, naming and shaming are avoided.

Stop using force and become more powerful in the workplace

In building teamwork, trust and transforming the organisational culture, care must be taken to be more powerful than forcefull. If force is used to try and change the organisational culture or team trust dynamics, high levels of resistance and disengagement begin to develop in the workplace.  


Many leaders, who are not true leaders, resort to force, often because of their self-image and confidence issues, that make them believe they must apply force from the top.

This may work  for a while, but sooner than later any team building, staff development and relationship building, or Organisational Culture Change, will reveal increased levels of resistance, avoidance, negativity, manipulation and low morale.  A powerful leader or manager is way more effective than a forceful one. Yet few are conscious enough to know the difference.

But the challenge is how do you shift from using force to being more powerful?  Force is easy to use, but it breaks trust, connection, engagement and commitment. a Powerful leader, manager or supervisor has a huge advantage when optimising workplace performance and staff engagement because they have the human element connection, care and respect as their no #1 focus.

Forceful people have very little respect, consideration or care for anything beyond their financial impacts and EGO’s.  They can create a toxic workplace where blaming, shaming and avoidance of decision making becomes the norm. These leaders will blame staff attitudes as the problem. But it’s really a reaction to their forcefulness, that is the challenge in the business.

A smarter more powerful approach is with a safe, positive team building approach called Appreciative Inquiry.  

The Appreciative Inquiry foundation includes relationship building positive-focus Interviews that are the foundation of beginning to build a powerful, proactive team, with clear, strong and open business relationships.

The Appreciative Inquiry Team Building approach ensures a positive ” play the ball and not the man” – way forward. It’s inclusive, Safe, Positive and Powerful.

Appreciative Team Building Exercises will transform your team dynamics, culture, and leadership effectiveness.

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