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Discover how to NOT press the QUIT button in your staff's brain, so you can Fully Boost Your People, Teams/Trust, Leadership, and Culture... Performance & Results.

– Free Executive Coaching Session.

Tough Decisions

Difficult Choices

Job & $ Security

Salary Cuts

Survival Issues

Depart resource conflicts


High Stress Levels

Conflicting Priorities

Energy Depletion

Supplier Negotiations

Business Pressures

Team Conflicts


Cashflow Issues

Staff Expectations

Staff Safety issues

Staff Feeling Safe


Resilience Issues

Conflicting priorities

Coping in Uncertainty

Staff Health/Exec

Emotional Toll

Financial Stability

Business Reboot

Remote Working

Thrive in TOUGH times…

Get Your High Performance LIMITLESS Leadership Coaching now… because developing high performance Mindsets and Conscious Credible Leadership is the #1 Challenge NOW!

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Optimise Your Leadership Strengths, Effectiveness, Efforts, Impacts and Agility!

Increase Self awareness, Confidence, Competence, & Consciousness, Connection, Collaboration and Your Contribution.

  • Enhance EQ, Self Management & State control
  • Explore alternative strategies /
  • Get a Confidential Sounding Board
  • Expand Your Insights & Impacts
  • Lead a High Performance Team & Culture
  • Gain a trusted confidential “WingMan” to support your growth.
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Available for a Limited Time Only! Normal fee R2,950. Grab your FREE Corona Crusher SWIFT Reboot & Recovery Coaching Session, plus Videos for thriving in these VUCA times.

If these great company’s leaders, TRUST TONY to deliver, then… so can you.

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Your Expert Executive Coach: Tony Dovale -CEO LifeMasters with 45+ years Leadership Experience

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Tony Dovale is an expert team/trust building facilitator, author, Speaker and Executive coach, with over 45+ years experience and expertise, and over R12 Million invested, in time and money, to develop the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams: Framework, Philosophy, & Proven System.

Because all of these savvy people below trust Tony to Deliver a potent result… Then so can you!

“We almost 4x’d our annual business from about R200 Million annually, to around R800 Million, with Tony’s REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance People & Teams Process” IT was Outstanding!!


Financial Manager, Independent Development Trust - IDT

“Outstanding!! – In all my years in senior positions – This is THE BEST leadership and team development process that I have ever participated in, and got such incredible value and results, with my EXCO team”
Confidentiality signed

Principle Head / CEO, 5th Largest Medical Aid Co

“In my Union position, I’ve discovered that I’ve been fighting-a-WAR… that doesn’t actually exist ANYMORE!”

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Senior Union Manager - National Union of Metalworkers of SA, BHP Billiton