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  • Stop Blaming, Shaming & Racial Division
  • Increase Connection, Communication and Collaboration
  • Have more fun, friendly culture and connections
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Your Expert Host: Tony Dovale – CEO

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Tony Dovale is an expert team/trust building facilitator, author, Speaker and Executive coach, with over 45+ years experience and expertise, and over R12 Million invested, in time and money, to develop the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams: Framework, Philosophy, & Proven System.

Because all of these savvy people below trust Tony to Deliver a potent result… Then so can you!

“We almost 4x’d our annual business from about R200 Million annually, to around R800 Million, with Tony’s REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance People & Teams Process” IT was Outstanding!!


Financial Manager, Independent Development Trust - IDT

“Outstanding!! – In all my years in senior positions – This is THE BEST leadership and team development process that I have ever participated in, and got such incredible value and results, with my EXCO team”
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Principle Head / CEO, 5th Largest Medical Aid Co

“In my Union Position, I’ve discovered that I’ve been fighting a WAR that doesn’t actually exist ANYMORE!”

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Senior Union Manager - National Union of Metalworkers of SA, BHP Billiton


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