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Bullet-Proof Team Building & High Performance Teamwork To Deliver Exponential Results in Gauteng

We help groups to become high-performance teams through real team building workshop sesson that transforms meaning, mindsets, teamwork, trust and tolerance..

In today’s high-speed highly competitive business environment teamwork and trust are vital to ensure sustainable success. In every company we research it is very clear that connection, communication, trust and teamwork are at an all-time low.

In tough times this becomes a greater challenge. Because when people are under pressure they revert back to their culture and survival or protection instincts. All of the niceties and facades that created to show our best sites seem to fade away in the heat of the moments.

Dysfunctional teams seem to be the norm because

  • they are incorrectly structured
  • leaders and managers don’t know how to build and manage them
  • the workplace culture is wrong
  • high levels of racial and culture conflict exist
  • no clear leadership vision is created
  • high levels of uncertainty, pressure, politics and stress.


Group games are not good for real teambuilding.

If you are serious about the success of your team and business please stop wasting time, money and opportunity on frivolous group entertainment and motivational style events that have no lasting impact.

Care and respect enough for your team to do something real that adds value to the individual on a personal level as well as the team on a business level. I have seen more teams broken, because of a day out at paintball or some other nebulous highly competitive win lose game. If you want to build bullet-proof teams have to start off with people who have bullet-proof mindsets, and can connect, communicate and collaborate for a cause greater than themselves.

Life Masters Appreciative Enquiry teambuilding activities and events /retreats creates a context, and a container where true teamwork, trust and connection are forged.

Every client who has engaged with our real team building facilitation workshops has gained immense value, even exponential value and impact, in thier staff’s personal lives, and in the high-performance functioning of the team.