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REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams and Limitless Leadership Events & Training.

BEST Corporate team building session workshops...in Jhb Gauteng, South Africa

“Resilient, Agile, Growth-Mindsets, and Higher Psychological Capital development are the vital foundations, for optimal high performance team building and improved business performance, to create #futureFit Mindsets, because …


“A Change of HEART and Mindset, Changes EVERYTHING!”

,Want BEST Office Team Building Events You’ve Ever Had?

Boost Team Spirit, Engagement, Organisational Efficiency, and Wellness. Transform Staff Mindset for High-Performance and TEAMwork. Booster….Boost and optimism, Open-hearted, Strengths, Trust, Engagement, and Resilience into new Courageous-Growth-Mindsets That Deliver Exponential Results.

Choose High-Performance Teamworking Optimisation workshops that firstly develops Your people.


Self Mastery and Exponential Master-Minding is the foundation for High Performance teamworking.
We go DEEPER which is more effective, more engaging, more fun, more impactful and more sustainable. This gives you BEST VALUE!

Need to Develop More Productive Staff? Resilient, Resourceful, Accountable, Agile, Engaged, Happy, Passionate
and Profitable? Appreciative Team Building BOOSTER Sessions Develop Your Team Spirit and Growth Mindsets to Their Fullest Potential!

Choose High-Performance Staff development sessions to grow your people, Mindsets, Trust and Teamwork faster.
This way you ENSURE Sustainable TRUST-Building, Higher-Performance results,
More Meaning and Resilient Growth Oriented-Mindsets, that deliver exponential impact

When your staff get the Mindset Advantage they can create SWIFT Success
with a 7x more personal value and deliver exponential impacts. Instant staff team building gauteng quote button

Now you can use REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE CLEARx Performance Optimisation system to improve client service levels, staff engagement, Teamwork, Trust, Leadership Effectiveness and profits.   Activate Happiness at Work and improve staff Psychological Capital. Add Tribal & Neuro Leadership insights and SWIFT action, and you get great results and a fun workplace.


Be smart and make sure YOU choose the Best office staff motivational Mindset workshop Packages
 and affordable Team effectiveness Events & Activities facilitators and company in Gauteng.

Fully Develop Your Human Performance Potential.

When you build inspired and united teamspirit, you get amazing staff engagement, performance-optimisation, organisational well-being and bigger Impacts. Include Fiercely Focused SWIFT Action and Active-Accountability Coaching, into your company culture change workshops. You develop more winners at work and help develop their talents to their full potential.

Bring Out The BEST In Your Staff and Teams with our High Performance Team Building Leadership Packages in Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

  • Rapidly Achieve Exponential Impacts
  • Optimise Team Results
  • Develop Resilient Growth Mindsets
  • Build High-Performance Trust Levels
  • Fierce-Focus Execution Excellence
  • Appreciative Action Company Culture
  • Leverage Limitless Leadership
  • Build #FutureFit people and teams

Affordable Expert High-Performance Teams Service Providers & Facilitators in South Africa

Smart leaders choose service providers and facilitators, who are experts at creating High-Performance Teamwork & Growth Oriented Mindsets.  They use staff events and activities, created  specifically for your own workplace. This approach delivers best value, biggest impact. You also get happier staff, better trust, more effective company culture, strong relationships and long-term results.

  • Appreciative Inquiry – Ai
  • Blue Ocean Innovation – BOI
  • Higher Ground Leadership – HGL
  • Positive Psychology – PP
  • Self Mastery & Mindfulness
  • Science of Happiness at work – Sohaw
  • Neuro Linguistic Programing – NLP
  • Theory Of Constraints – TOC
  • Resilience – AQ
  • Behavioural Ontological Coaching
  • Change Management – ADKAR
  • Creative Conflict Management –CCM
  • Persuasion & Influence (Cialdini)
  • Human Performance Technologies – HPT
  • Action Advantage Achievement system – AAAS
  • High Performance Organisations – HPO
  • Consciously Constructive Approach/system

  • Grow Resilience and Happiness at work
  • Clear Mental Blocks and Reduce Conflicts
  • Increase Trust, Teamwork and Tolerance
  • Improve Communication & Connection
  • Reduce Diversity conflicts and Division
  • Optimise Performance and Talent Potential
  • Build Growth-Oriented Mindsets & Well-being
  • Build inspiration & Company Health
  • REAL Teambuilding events your people will love!

Transform Staff Mindsets, Relationships and Trust

Use Activity Ideas based Upon REAL VALUE.  Our Experiential Action Learning an Immersion Mind-Grow-Tainment Technologies create optimum impacts.

Our Team-Flow-Grow process has been developed and refined over 40 years… to ensure you get best value, impacts and results… Because we care about the human element of business.

You gain best results and benefits by using the best business / team optimisation tools to deliver life-Shifting value and long-term positive impacts.

For exponential staff, team and company growth, use these High Performance Framework, tools and systems to ensure best results.


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Solutions Focus Leadership

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Life Masters creates trusted solutions for building Teamworking, positive staff and Customer Experiences, & Revolutionary workplace Leadership.

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About Tony Dovale.:Speaker, Expert Author (SWIFT SUCCESS), and Catalyst for real Team Building,  As a Facilitator he delivers experiences that build the right Mindsets, Meaning, Money and Momentum. We are also supporters of a special Non-Profit trust …Daily Bread: Supporting abused people and children.

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