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Transform TEAMWORK…Team Spirit, Accountability, Relationships & Develop High-Performance Culture.

Shift Mindsets, Attitudes and Teamwork from SLOW to GO…faster, better, SWIFTER…


Staff Team Development creates High Performance Teamwork. Improve Service and; Results with GO-Mindsets Happiness@Work. Increase Psychological Capital, Tribal and Neuro Leadership insights. Professionally facilitated customised Team Development with Growth Oriented Mindset Mastery to create High Performance organisational culture. Every company needs  real, positive, effective team building exercises and events for employees to connect, commit and communicate.

Tony Dovale Team Building

Your Results With Us

Shift Mindset From SLOW to GO…. Transform Team dynamics, relationships, trust and teamworking

Real Team Building Workshop Sessions

Transform your TeamSpirit, Communication, Trust and Performance

Results Are life-changing and Life-Giving

REAL Team building, GO Mindset Mastery delivers REAL sustainable High Performance RESULTS

“A Change of HEART and Mindset, Changes EVERYTHING!”

happiness at work Team Buildings

“Everything we do is designed to Transform, Inspire, Motivate, Enlighten & ReThink …You, Your Team, Your organisation and Results.

How You Get 2x to 4x Your RESULTS

  • REAL Team building that’s fun, potent and effective
  • High Performance Organisational Culture Change process
  • Team Spirit & team dynamics Development
  • Leadership Effectiveness – (Neuro, Higher Ground & Tribal Leadership)
  • Social Network Analysis Reveals Real leaders
  • Happiness@ Work & Staff Engagement is enhanced
  • Human Performance Technology (HPT) is the foundation
  • Assessments (360) , Profiles and research gives insughts
  • Appreciative Inquiry Strategy – ensures positive inclusive approach
  • Blue Ocean Strategy & Innovation – creates new possibilities
  • Customer Service Transformation – grows business results
  • Staff Psychological Capital – Better Mindsets – More Commitment
    • Resilience, GRIT, Care

I co-create a world of more… Integrity, Freedom, Love, Abundance, Peace and Joy…by providing Workshops, talks, coaching, training for those who are ready.

I help Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Teams & Success-Oriented people to develop their GO Mindset and leadership skills essential to activating their Souls’ Vision, so they can win at work, truly succeed in life, and leave a loving legacy.

  • Integrity
  • Freedom
  • Love,
  • Abundance,
  • Peace,
  • Joy
  • Life-Changing Experiences with Fun 93% 93%
  • Sustainable POSITIVE Impact and REAL Value 97.5% 97.5%
  • Custom designed Team Building Events 100% 100%
  • Happiness @ Work Building Activities 92% 92%
  • Appreciative Inquiry Positive Business Culture Building 100% 100%
  • Life-Shifting, Mindset Developing and Value Sustainability 100% 100%

Growth-Oriented Mindset Development

Mindset trumps skillset – The right MINDSET makes staff up to 7 times more valuable to an organisation. A Go Mindset Makes Leaders 8.4 times more valuable and effective. Do your teams have thew right mindsets, within a High Performance Organisational culture.

Staff Team Development Creates Higher Performance workplaces. Improve Service & Results with GO-Mindsets. Happiness@Work develops increased Psychological Capital. Tribal & Neuro Leadership tools and insights ensure success.


Trust Building

High levels of TRUST and TRUSTWORTHINESS are vital to build a high performance team. Most companies have dismal trust levels of around 0-5 out of a possible 10/10.     Low trust is a “productivity and well-being TAX” that pervades and poisons most workplaces.


The C- Factor Matters Too

Connection, Communication and Commitment  are good foundation for a high performance team.  Few managers can handle the challenges and try put a plaster over large Cultural conflict “wounds”. A high performance team, needs hi performance leadership and high performance organisational Culture, that is CLEAR from Static.

This team building was LIFE-CHANGING, and went way past our biggest expectations!  Awesome Experience with Tony.

Onwell Msomi

GM Coca Cola SA FIFA World Cup Management team, Coca Cola SA

Wow! You achieved miracles! – we never believed it possible for our trust levels to be so transformed. You have really helped us to build an amazing team foundation.



This was different to any team building we’ve had – different that it has completely surpassed any expectation I had, and the results I see are phenomenal!!



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