High Performance Executive Coaching Approach with Appreciative Inquiry and Mind-grow-Tainment


Growth Mindset is the new domain to master in the 21st century, if companies are to become more competitive and effective in the long term.

A business coaching relationship focuses on becoming aware of, and removing, mental and belief barriers, which prevent you from making alternative choices and more effective decisions to enable you to experience and apply your completeness in the most efficient and effective way, within the prevailing context.

Typically the best executive coaching approach is based upon a style of appreciative Inquiry (AI). 

“The secret of change consists in concentrating one’s energy to create-the-new, and not to fight-against-the-old.“ – Dan Millman (Author of ‘The way of the Peaceful Warrior)

executive coaching

Coaching is collaboration, partnership, joint effort,and focus, in creating more conscious and new options; It’s not therapy or rehashing of the old and past!

A typical psychotherapist tries to: unearth, confront, diagnose, dig into your past, expose and repair. They usually start out looking at you as dysfunctional. 

The therapy session usually focus on: disorders, diagnosis, dysfunctions, pathology, episodes and traumatic events and ways of “fixing” you.

In Appreciative Coaching the coach helps a client to: clarify, focus, prioritise, be proactive,  mind-storm, plan, action and achieve results through SWIFT FIERCELY focused action.

Depending upon the style of the coach/Activator and the goals of the coachee, coaching may emphasise: outcomes, mindsets, thinking, life work balance, passion, purpose, vision, decisions, choices and options, actions or non-action, strategies, perceptions, paradigms, feelings, ways of being, destiny, cause, calling, and money/resource management.

Coachings’ focus depends upon the clients specific needs, and wants, at that moment.

Professional executive coaching is

  • intended FIERCE-focus,
  • clarifying, opening new possibilities,
  • facilitating planning,
  • catalyse SWIFT action,
  • to create results faster,
  • with high stakes accountability and consequences,

The foundation of coaching is built on high trust between the two parties, asking provocative questions, exploring powerful and innovative possibilities, and catalysing clear and focused actions. in order to achieve the desired outcomes, in the quickest, simplest, safest manner.

Coaching clears the fluff, the distractions and the delays, and gets you to unleash and apply the best you have right now. Coaching installs a new mindset, that is more effective in achieving your desired results.


High Performance Team Coaching with REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Appreciative Inquiry & CLEARx


By taking coaching to the next level of team coaching, we can begin to create higher performance organisations with a strong leadership foundation that creates a more conscious, aware, great place to work. Ideally prior to team coaching, personal coaching should have created increased levels of self awareness, emotional intelligence, personal destiny clarity and a growth oriented mindset.

Whilst many people join a company for it vision, mission and values, they typically leave because of the relationship with their upline managers and leaders. So effective leadership teams first require the right individual mindsets, attitudes and self image.


Revolutionary Workplace Creates High Performance Environments

The foundation of the high performance Revolutionary Workplace is:  Effective and conscious leadership mindsets with a focus on a balance of People, Purpose, Planet and Profit.

The CLEARx system gives a guiding framework for leaders to coach and focus their staff and teams as they grow and synergise to create a highly effective and sustainable workplace and positive, proactive, innovative culture.

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