6 Steps to Building Your AQ – Adversity Quotient/Resilience

Learn to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

There is a specific and potent process of reversing your “victim” voice and re-engaging your inner resilience. It starts with Self Awareness and the power to choose a new attitude.

For each of the 6 levels – ask the questions and act on your answers. Incrementally you will become more aware of the shifts in your approach. Stay aware of your internal voice and adjust it to a more positive appreciative approach.  Set the intention to become fully aware of how your past mental programmes and ”mental thought-viruses” may be pointlessly infecting your thinking and feeling, which directly impacts your actions and results.

Step 1 – Energy

What can I do right now to elevate my energy levels?
Where am I leaking that I can stop it now?

What can I do to create, maintain and manage my energies?  Food, sleep, exercise, mindset, focus?

Step 2 – Identity

 What must shift in me, to enable me to handle this better?
How must I see myself different, more powerful, and more response-able?

Step 3 – Listen to your AQ/resilience response

Was my internal voice/chatter a high or low resilience response?
Was it constructive or destructive?
What can I do NOW to enhance this internal voice?

Step 4 – Explore origins & ownership of the result

What are the possible origins of the adversity?  What portion of this adversity is my responsibility?
What, specifically, could I have done better? What aspects of the results should I choose to own?
What can I do NOW to change and improve this?

Step 5 – Analyze

What evidence is there that I have no control here?
What evidence is there that the adversity has to affect other areas of my life?
How can I contain the situation or event?
What evidence is there that the adversity must last any longer than necessary?

Step 6 – Do something NOW- Take Action!

What can I do NOW to gain a little more control over this?
What could I do to limit the reach or duration of this adversity/challenge?

What are my greatest wisdoms I can gain from this experience?

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