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Bullet-Proof Limitless Leadership Creates High Performance Team Building That Delivers Exponential Results

Help leaders to develop High Impact & Limitless Leadership Effectiveness.

The Consciously Constructive Revolutionary Workplace – LIMITLESS LEADERSHIPrevolutionary workplace high performance team development and leadership

The function of leadership is to create direction and fiercely focused action towards a planned and agreed goal or destination. Effective leadership optimises resources and activates the full potential of people, teamwork and organisational culture.


Leadership is about creating what could be, should be, can be, and will be. Leadership is about disruption of the status quo. Leadership is the front edge of the wedge that creates more meaning, mastery and momentum. Limitless leadership is about honouring people planet and profits, and creating exponential impacts and results.

First of all leadership is about learning. Leaders are readers. All leaders have to learn to see with new eyes, to see greater into new potential in the existing business landscape. In the VUCA world, leaders have to learn to handle and assimilate masses of complex signals and information.

From this they must learn what is important and what is not. They must learn to simplify and distil the deluge of information into simple communicatable messages and formats, so that staff at the lower levels can quickly understand and act on the information.


Successful leaders are always informed. They are informed about what’s happening within the organisation. There are informed about challenges, constraints and competitive issues. Leaders stay informed about the effective and functional performance and capacities of their people, teams and management.

Effective leaders ensure that they are informed about matters beyond their organisation, into the market, and the larger business landscape. Leaders look forwards to stay informed of potential threats and opportunities.


In an ever-changing world in order to harness and activate optimum staff and team potential, leaders must make greater meaning to engage and retain talent. More money for shareholders has very little meaning for the newer generations. If you’re going to activate, and retain, the full potential of your staff, it is very clear from the low engagement numbers at the workplace content and process needs to be revised.

Managing miserable and unmotivated staff we have become highly disengaged is a problem that most managers or leaders are unable to solve. It is only with more meaning that we can begin to get our people to be more excited about what is happening in the workplace and the world of work.


In the new world of work with high levels of complexity and rapid changes in knowledge bases, effective leaders ensure that all staff are incrementally trained towards higher levels of self mastery, team mastery, leadership mastery and business mastery. Staff need to be learning something new every single day.

The concept of “nibble knowledge” is fast being applied into the workplace where staff are able to learn regular and incrementally valuable nibbles or bits of knowledge that are directly relevant to their present and prevailing situation, circumstances and challenges.

Trusted & Truthful

in a digital world where messages travel at the speed of light and secrets on a longer secret trust and truthfulness are key character traits vital for a credible and respected leader. If people don’t trust you they will not fully commit to your initiatives. If you are not truthful it is an almost certainty that somewhere, some way, somehow the truth will come out.

All you have to do is look at the political landscape to see how the digital world is laying bare the atrocities and inconsistencies of leaders across the globe for all to see and judge.For a leader to remain credible and keep team cohesion continuing, qualities and character of trustworthy and truthful are non-negotiable. Followers will only tolerate low integrity, deceit, lies and readership for so long, before there is a revolution in mindset, attitude and commitment.


There is a big shift in consciousness in the world today. From a time when bean counters ran businesses and only money mattered, there is a shift to a more caring and empathetic mindset and approach, that is starting to be seen in many organisations. Gone are the days of slavery for many people. And it’s about time to

Limitless leaders learn to bring love into workplace. To create a place where people love to come to work. To create work that people love to do. To create relationships with people can respect and love another human being enough to see them as equal.  We have come a distance from the master-and-slave mindset, and the top down Command and control archaic attitudes.

If we’re going to get the best out of people, and support the thriving and well-being of people planet than profit to create long-term sustainable success we going to have to learn to bring the soft skills into the workplace. The starts of love. It starts of loving and respecting yourself first. And from there we can start to begin to build real robust relevant relationships that create revolutionary workplace that benefits all.

Empowered to decide

Leadership in today’s challenges means that we have to distribute responsibility and authority down to the frontline. We have do empower people to make decisions at the point of contact, at the coalface.

The competition in demand for high-performance and high speed service has relentlessly been pressurised and squeezed down to seconds. Where we used to wait weeks for letters to be delivered and to get responses, when I get irritated when we don’t get a response to an email, whatsap, SMS or any digital communication.

We have to firstly choose the right people with the right mindset that fit your culture. Then we have to train and up skill them on the products or services. And then you have to turn up skill them and how to think, decide and act in all sorts of high pressure situations and circumstances. Because no longer can leaders and managers be at the frontline every second, for every decision, for every problem.

We have to empower people to think clearly and smartly, to decide and take action in a way that ensures service excellence and business sanity. People have to be empowered to be creative and innovative in the way they solve problems, service clients create new potential for revenue and relevant offerings. For many leaders this is a scary step…but a vital one if you’re going to create high-performance people, teamwork, leadership and culture.


– Sustainability Focussed : unless you’ve been living under a rock will be aware of the many threats to humanity. From climate change to Carbon overload, to oxygen depletion, to water shortages, to ocean acidification, to fishery depletion and all of those things that go to sustain life on this fragile blue marble we call home

With politicians posturing and businesses profiteering, who will stand up and speak for mother Earth. Who will think sanely and secure the future for our future generations. Who will be the ones to say no more wasting of our natural resources. Who will be the one to say this insanity must stop? Will it be you that moves from readership to true leadership?

Will it be you that sensitises their staff and teams to the threats we post to this fragile planet? Will it be due that innovates gets creative and how we can be caring and creative in moving forward sustainably. If not you then who? For surely your and my children will look back and ask where were the leaders?

Strengths based

With all of the work of Gallup and Howard Gardener we learn that come to this planet with a wide range of talents, gifts and strengths.  Time is too short to worry about fixing weaknesses because it focuses on the past, and we waste energy with worries about weakness. If we are smart and act swiftly and intelligently will focus on our strengths. We will collaborate and communicate connect and create by putting our strengths together.

For only in this way will we begin to understand how interdependent we are upon each other. We need each other. We need each other’s strengths. When need each other’s buy-in to creating a brighter and more sustainable future. We need to be betteer team players creating higher performance teamworking.

The reality is that a very small percentage of people are real leaders. And if left to their own devices many people will avoid stepping up, taking the risks, taking the responsibility, and creating the desired results.  The world desperately needs real leaders. We need leaders of limitless hope and resilience. We need leaders of limitless love, care and compassion.

We need leaders who are limitless, and have unwavering dedication and commitment to gathering up everybody and guiding us along an adventure to a better, brighter, more sustainable future.

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