Transform Your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture for EXPONENTIAL Results SWIFTLY with CLEARx’s System:Philosopy, Framework and Process.

Researched, Developed & Refined by Tony Dovale over 38 years of Personal Purpose and Passion for assisting others to achieve fulfillment, happiness and REAL Success

Tough-Times Require Tough Mindsets

DEVELOP RESILIENT MINDSETS 0 Transform Mindsets from SLOW to GO!
Discover top 20 Mindset qualities that can make your staff 7 Times more valuable

Note: Psychological Capital is the foundation of people & talent optimisation and retention success.


“Tony Helped us grow from R30 Million to R50 Million with his amazing and potent Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx process” Alison Lovell – Oxbow Estates


Develop Resilient, High Performance Teamwork; Improve Trust, Connection, Collaboration, Commitment, Communication, reduce conflicts and racism… and understand Your internal Social Networks and Talent Optimisation


“I have seen MIRACLES happen. Trust and commitment has never been this high in our teams…EVER!” – Sello OPP


Optimise Leadership Effectiveness, Impact, Results and Relationships with Neuro, Tribal, Higher Ground, Conscious and LEAN Leadership Principles.

Note: 72% of Leaders Arn’t!


“Tony helped us grow from R200 Million to R800 Million” Deon – IDT Manager 


CONSCIOUSLY Create Organisational Culture, Context and remove Constraints to Achieve Exponential Results…

Note: Up to 65% of your results are impacted by your organisational Culture and Culture PH levels.


“Culture and context is the critical factor most companies get wrong” That’s why their staff engagement levels are so low.”

Want more ENGAGEMENT, HAPPINESS, well-being & Reduce Conflicts & Racism?

Revolutionary Workplace and The Circular Economy bring better business results?

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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Life-Changing Staff & Team Building

I was astounded how we transformed our team relationships, built better trust and connection. The results have lasted MONTHS. Best decision we ever made. – CEO


I Was More Than Impressed!!

I didn’t believe we could change. BUT Tony facilitated an AMAZING and fun experience that was the most valuable experience of my life.

Had More Fun With Team-Flow-Grow

Our last team event was stupid games. Life Masters gave us an incredible experience that has exceptional value for us in life and business.