CLEARx High Performance Session
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CLEARx High Performance Session

FREE Introductory Seminar
Exponential Mindsets, High Performance
Teams & WOW Workplace

 2x-4x Your Business -Discover How To BOOST Your Business, Teamwork & Your Life To The Next Level.

FREE  INFO For… Your Next Steps to Create a The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE that delivers High-Performance Results – Teamwork, Trust, Transforming People, Planet and Profits.

Tony Dovale leadership team building CLEARx High Performance Teamworking keynote speaker

Few business people know there are 6 major areas that directly impact their Success. This is why many struggle and fail.  Some Will Waste 5 To 10 Years Of Their Lives; Frustrated, Jaded, Confused, Stuck, Spinning Their Wheels, Not Achieving Success!  Why? Because…

  1. They Are Trying To Learn and Do It All By Themselves…and
  2. They Waste Much Time / Effort because…  They Don’t Know What They DON’T Know
    3. They Don’t Take The Right Fiercely Focused Actions!

is Your 2x-5x Exponential Mindset Solution…
Culture, Context, Commitment, Communications, Clarity, Community and outstanding Results.


I can give you some basic The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE CLEARx High-Performance info online at , or you can join me for a morning, to get in-depth specifics and SWIFT action steps to optimise & BOOST your teamwork and business with a my new Whole System SpeedGrow(TM) process – called CLEARx.    More Info or to Book Seats:



CLEARx High-Performance Teamwork – Session
No Charge or Nominal Upgrade


“TRAINING is not enough to ensure high-performance teamwork and outstanding workplace success… You need a complete MINDSHIFT and a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE.

Like you, most people need resources, resilience, resourcefulness…RELEVANT FIERCE-Focus, action and a behavioral SHIFT that ensure success.

I’m offering to help you save time/effort, reduce risk, and accelerate achieving REAL success, by guiding you to focus on the 6 CORE areas that create a high performance organisation (HPO) and meaningful results…with my CLEARx Results Optimisation System, that I’ve refined over 30+ years.


PROOF The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE CLEARx High-Performance Teamworking System Works

Because Clients have grown their business exponentially!

  • Client #1: Grew from R200 Million to R800 Million annual revenue. A 4x boost
  • Client #2: Grew from R30 Million to R50 Million revenues. – Almost 2x boost
  • Client #3: Doubled their sales in 90 days. – 2x boost.
  • Client #4-#120+ Life-changing for people and team and life-giving for business…

If you’ve done work with us before, you know how life-changing and life-giving the experience is…If you are committed to take serious action to shift your life and business up to the next levels and become a high-performance team and business, then come join us for an Action-Learning CLEARx morning.

 More Info or Book seats:

Just 1 idea fully implemented from this High-Performance The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACECLEARx System can begin to transform your destiny.

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