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Business Strategy Sessions & Strategy Facilitation Retreats Have No Value…

…if Effective Leadership, Execution, Teamwork, Trust, Clear Communication, and A High Performance Positive Culture is Missing.

Business Strategy takes a lot of time, effort and money. The usual outcome is a fat wad of paper, that the executives expect the lower ranks to READ, understand and fully action… To ensure Organisational Success. This seldom translates to high performance sustainable Results.




The slip comes between Executive expectation and front line execution, application, action and resilience. In todays’ high speed constant change, ever increasing competition, long-term strategies not an ideal solution if you’re going to have a response of, flexible and agile high-performance organisation.

Leaders are having to change their thinking and approach to creating a strategy, and an execution plan, that fits their organisational resources, culture and ever-changing business landscape.

The only real sustainable competitive advantage that an organisation can achieve today is with its people.  We need people in high performance teams, with the right mindsets, that are growth-oriented, resilient and highly action-oriented. That a vital start for effective organisational execution.

So many times executives in leadership and management go away for a few days to bash out a new organisational strategy. Maybe they re-engage the services of some large accounting/strategy firm at the cost of millions. There is a big problem with these approaches.

Firstly, many strategic decisions are made without truly understanding what is actually happening at the coalface and how the existing constraints are impacting execution   And even though leaders believe they then communicate their strategic vision and actions clearly and as required effectively, research shows that less than 5% of people at the coalface, truly understand the why’s, what’s and hows of where they fit in.

Even worse is getting an outside organisation, who understand very little about your true organisational culture, the internal dynamics, teen challenges and staff mindsets attitudes and tribes.


Appreciative Inquiry Business Strategy and Fishing Expedition Combined.

Life Masters provides a life-shifting, perspective adjusting Business strategy process linked with amazing Fishing at St Lazarus Banks In East Africa Mozambique.

Live aboard a  beautiful, fully chartered and professionally skippered, Yacht. Fish, Learn , Explore, Uncover and create a powerful new vision and strategic approach, based upon Tony Dovales, CLEARx High Performance Business Optimisation System.