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tony dovale

We Create Higher Performance workplaces

Happy People, Teams, Leadership & Culture,  because we are professional Corporate Team Building Service Providers/ Consultant and Facilitators with 30 years of experience

Life Masters was established in Gauteng, johannesburg, 1994 by Tony Dovale as an EXPERT service and resource to help People, teams and Leaders deliver exponential results. and ensure a thriving People, Planet & Profits.

We believe…in CREATING HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS and positive WORKPLACES WHERE PEOPLE THRIVE, TEAMS TRUST, Leaders are LIMITLESS, and Cultures Support People, Planet & Profits.. as they achieve exponential impacts and results..

We believe that business should be used be as force for good.  A place where people are inspired to achieve their full potential.
Where they go home each day, feeling they made the world a better place;.fulfilled, energised and grateful for their efforts.
The Revolutionary High Performance companies of the future will be made like this.. They will have a SOUL that cares …beyond just profits.

LMI has specialized in personal development, as well as corporate human development and transformational team-building. With the Head Office in Johannesburg, we conduct our coaching, training, team-building and speaking programmes throughout South Africa and Internationally.

Life Masters offers a unique approach to producing exceptional and sustainable results. We are dedicated to delivering powerful personal, team building and company transformation interventions covering all aspects optimising Mindsets:  thinking, feeling and ACTION – Head, Heart and Soul.

We deliver effective and practical solutions for our client’s challenges in the domain of the Human Element, Leadership, Performance Team work and Org Culture in a sustainable, positive, caring and Appreciative manner.

Using comprehensive investigation and skilled needs-analysis; we reveal the core performance challenges, and uncover areas of blockage, limitation, problems and learned-helplessness, that are impeding engagement,  collaboration, positive actions and peak performance.

We design and implement unique, tailor-made solutions, to resolve your specific challenges; resolve internal factors, and to support the achievement of your objectives in a positive and “appreciative”, strengths-based approach, including building Psychological Capital.

We have an innovative and broad spectrum of expertise, experience and wisdom, gained from numerous public, and private sector projects that enables us to influence, impact and profoundly shift the culture, mind-sets, perspectives, leadership effectiveness, and actions of your people and teams to achieve sustainable results.

Our uniquely designed, holistic, approach to change and growth touches the heads, hearts and souls of each one. Igniting passion, unleashing potential, enhancing positive beliefs for greater Happiness@Work, peak performance and on-going success with a values-based approach.

Tony Dovale and Life Masters support staff  are EXPERTS at Executive Team Building retreats and interventions; Staff Growth mindset development, organisational culture optimisation.  Call 083-447-6300 to transform your results.